Vtech Turn and Learn Driver

While you don't want to put your child behind the wheel of the family car, your child still wants to imitate what you do when you drive. The VTech Turn and Learn Driver gives your child the chance to pretend that they are out on the open road, and it has plenty of features to enhance that feeling of driving freedom.

Driving toys are great for inspiring your child's imagination. Since your child already knows what a steering wheel is for, where they go and what they experience will be completely up to them. Get your child out on the open road with the VTech Turn and Learn Driver and see what kinds of adventures they can dream up.

Basic Features

The VTech Turn and Learn Driver is a tabletop or floor toy that does not have any legs to raise it up. It has a steering wheel with a working horn, and it has a gear shift off to the right side and mounted under the steering wheel. No matter what kind of gear shift the family car has, your child will be able replicate the experience with this interactive driving toy.

There is a side mirror your child can use, and there are five buttons along the top of the toy that offer sounds of animals and cars for your child to enjoy.

There is a music mode on this toy that allows your child to enjoy one of the many songs in the toy's music library. There is even a play stoplight that lights up for your child to learn when to stop and go when out on the road.

The list retail price of this toy is $15.99, which will increase when your retailer adds applicable sales tax and shipping charges. The target age for this toy as set by the manufacturer is six months to two years old.

Detailed Features of the VTech Turn and Learn Driver

For a small toy, the VTech Turn and Learn Driver has plenty of interactive features that will keep your child entertained for hours. Those features include:

  • A stoplight that really lights up
  • A side mirror that works
  • A steering wheel that turns
  • A working horn
  • A side gear shift that offers resistance when your child tries to push or pull it in a direction
  • A steering column gear shift that also offers resistance to your child's motions
  • Five buttons that offer different animal and driving sounds
  • A key that turns
  • Three separate modes for different learning experiences - music, animal and driving
  • A music box with a library of children's songs

For all of the interactive features this toy offers, there are many features that are only for show. Those features include:

  • Turn signals that are only decals
  • Indicator lights that are just decals
  • The key makes no sounds when it is turned

This toy comes fully assembled and is very lightweight, which makes it easy for children and parents to handle. The toy requires two "AA" size batteries that are included in the packaging, but the manufacturer recommends that parents use fresh batteries when turning on the toy for the first time.

Products Similar to the Turn and Learn Driver

VTech has a long line of interactive learning toys, and the Baby's Learning Laptop offers a similar experience to the VTech Turn and Learn Driver. Children are able to use a laptop just like the ones they see mom and dad using, and this interactive toy has many educational features. It offers a variety of buttons that make sounds associated with the images on the buttons, and there is also a versatile music maker on this toy as well.

The Fisher-Price Chatter Phone gives your child a chance to use the phone just like mom and dad do. While this toy is still shaped like an old style dialing phone, it does have a receiver and makes sounds that your children should recognize. The smiling face makes learning fun, and the pull string allows your child to take their phone wherever they go.

Children learn from watching their parents, and giving your child the VTech Turn and Learn Driver is going to spur their imagination. Parents should always take advantage of the opportunity to get toys that inspire their children to learn by using real world items, and that is what the VTech Turn and Learn Driver offers.