Vtech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight Toy

Sometimes a good child's toy doesn't need to make sense or even have a sensible design. The VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is exactly what it says it is, it is a flashlight that delivers lights that spin for your child to enjoy. But as strange as it may sound on paper, this is a toy your child will love in their hands.

This toy is not a flashlight in the traditional sense. It gives off different colored lights and sings songs that your child can sing along to. It has a friendly ladybug on the handle, and there are plenty of animal images for your child to identify. Once your child starts exploring this toy, they will realize that there is a lot more to the VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight than meets the eye!

Basic Features of the VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

The VTech Color Flashlight is a toy shaped like a flashlight, which makes it very easy for your child to carry. The projection part in the front has five different colors that are dimmed to make it easier for your child to enjoy them. There are three separate learning centers inside this one toy, and your child activates a learning center by pressing one of the numbered buttons along the side.

There is an audio device in this toy that plays songs, speaks various phrases and has conversational lines it can say to your child. There is a volume control to help keep the noise down for parents, and there are animal decals all around the base of the lens that your child can use for identification games and lessons.

The manufacturer's retail price, which excludes applicable sales tax and shipping costs, has been set at $9.99. While this is a toy that is safe for children of any age, the manufacturer has set the age range for this toy at one to three years old.

From what was gathered, this toy does not have any small parts that could be considered a choking hazard, nor does it have any sharp edges.

Detailed Features of the Flashlight Toy

This is a small toy that has a lot going on. The list of interactive features included with the VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight consists of:

  • A ladybug button at the top of the handle that triggers some of the sound effects
  • Five color lenses in the front that are dimmed for your child's safety
  • Three activity buttons on the side that trigger an audio feature that has a library of music, animal sounds and conversational phrases
  • An on/off switch that is also a volume control

While there are plenty of interactive features for your child to enjoy, there are also a couple of features on this toy that are just for show. Those features include:

  • The animal decals that go around the base of the lens are not interactive in any way
  • The colored lenses do not spin

This is a small toy that is lightweight and easy for children and parents to handle. There is no assembly required for this toy at all, which includes the decals which are already affixed. This toy requires two "AAA" size batteries that come with the packaging. This toy has a feature that shuts it off after 45 seconds of inactivity to save battery life.

Products Similar to the Spin and Learn Color Flashlight?

This typs of design appears to be unique to its own, but here are some close options

For younger children that want a unique handheld toy, parents can get the VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone. It has an on/off switch and volume control, and it also makes a rattling sound when your child shakes it. Your child can hear their amplified voice when they talk into the Babble and Rattle Microphone, and this toy also plays a variety of songs and makes sounds to help educate your child.

Traveling to a different brand, the Little Tykes Pop Tunes Guitar is shaped like an object your child may recognize, and offers a wide variety of educational features as well. This toy has a wide variety of music your child can choose from in a variety of genres, and the whammy bar really works to create special sound effects.

Not every child developmental toy needs to have a design that makes sense. Sometimes something as simple as a flashlight can teach your child all they need to know about speaking, talking and identifying animals.