Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center

There are busy toys, and then there are toys that offer so much to do that they will keep your child entertained for hours. The Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center falls into the latter category, and it is the kind of toy that your child will enjoy just for the new things they will constantly discover. This is a toy with a lot of options, and it can be something that will encourage your child to engage in different types of play for hours at a time.

Basic Features of the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center

There is no shortage of activities for your child when it comes to the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center. Along with playing soccer and basketball, your child can learn their numbers and read from a flip book about sports. There are gears your child can turn, and a backboard that counts the number of baskets your child makes.

This play set comes with a soccer ball and basketball that are specially designed for the set. The basketball net and the soccer net are both made of durable plastic with rounded edges, which means you won't have to worry about your child getting caught up in any cloth netting. This toy makes plenty of sounds to keep your child engaged in play and curious as to what else they can find.

The manufacturer recommends this play set for children ages one to three years old. There are no small parts, so parents do not have to worry about any choking hazards. The retail price is set at $39.99, but your favorite online retailer might be offering a discount or a pricing promotion. Please note that many retailers add shipping charges and applicable sales tax to your final purchase price.

Detailed Features for the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center

There are a lot of interactive features offered by the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center for your child to enjoy. Those features include:

  • A backboard with a lighting display that counts the number of baskets
  • A special basketball and soccer ball
  • A lever that can restart the scoreboard
  • A music library that plays up to 50 songs your children will recognize
  • Sports sound effects such as a crowd cheering
  • Gears that can spin in either direction
  • A soccer goal with a plastic back and not cloth
  • A flip book
  • A button that can be pressed to create more sports sound effects
  • A number counting audio game

Along with all of these fun interactive features, the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center also has features that are only in place for show and are not interactive at all. Those features include:

  • Several raised designs that are covered in colorful decals but do nothing when they are pressed
  • A crowd decal on the backboard that does not light up and is not interactive in any way
  • Small designs embedded in the base of the toy that are not interactive

This toy requires three "AA" size batteries that are not included with the set. There is a good deal of assembly required that would be easier for a two-person adult team than just an individual. There are a lot of decals that need to be properly affixed to this toy to get the right look, so parents will want to take their time during assembly.

This is an indoor toy that can be used outdoors, but should not be left outdoors. Parents will want to put this toy in a place where the soccer ball and basketball cannot do any damage to the home or the family's belongings.

Products Similar to the Smart Shots Sports Center

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Singing Soccer Ball offers all of the sound effects and songs you would find with the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center. The biggest difference with the Singing Soccer Ball is that it is just a soccer ball with a smiling face. When your child kicks the ball in certain spots, it makes sounds and plays music.

Another great option to consider is the Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center which is very similar to the Vtech model reviewed here.

Traveling back to Vtech and in a different category... the VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn is the road racing version of the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center. The LED display works in conjunction with the steering wheel to show your child where they are headed, and the entire toy is filled with buttons that make sounds and play music.

Sometimes very young children need extra inspiration to get involved with sports. With the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center, your child will have plenty of reason to have fun with sports, learning their numbers and interacting with the many other activities the toy has to offer.