Vtech Move and Crawl Baby Ball

Young children love to roll a ball around on the floor and even push a ball back and forth with mom or dad. But imagine how much more your child would get out of a simple game of catch if the ball played music and offered blinking lights.

The VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball is the next step in baby balls, and it is also one of the more innovative educational toys on the market. This is not the kind of ball that you throw back and forth with your child. This is the kind of ball that you let your child explore and then see what your child's imagination can come up with.

Basic Features of the Move and Crawl Baby Ball

The VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball is a durable plastic globe with a light up button on top that sends tassels swirling through the air. There are three animal shaped buttons on the globe, and there are also buttons that light up and play various sounds. There is a toy ladybug that encircles the top to help entice your child to get started with their playtime.

The globe plays various songs and also helps children with pronouncing letters. There are buttons with animals on them that are numbered and light up when they are pushed. The light up buttons also count the number for the child to hear. There is an on/off button towards the top of the globe that also acts as a volume control.

The manufacturer has set a preferred age range of six months to three years old for this toy. It has no small parts or sharp edges, so it is safe for children. The manufacturer's retail price is $14.99. Your final purchase price may include appropriate sales tax and shipping charges as determined by your retailer.

Detailed Features of the VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball

The VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball is designed for younger children, so there are going to be interactive features to engage the child's attention. Those features include:

  • A button at the top that lights up when pushed and sends soft tassels swirling around in a circle
  • A ladybug character that encircles the top of the globe and says short phrases to entice your child to play
  • Three animal buttons that make sounds when pushed
  • Three light up number buttons that make animal sounds when pushed
  • An audio player that has 40 songs and a series of sound effects and verbal phrases to help your child learn
  • An on/off switch that is also a volume control

This toy is designed to maximize the amount of playtime your child has when they are interacting with it. The only feature that appears on this toy for show is the raised images of fish and other animals that are all over the surface of the globe. These raised images are tactile, but they do not light up or make any sounds when they are pushed.

There is no assembly involved with this toy as it comes with hassle-free shipping and already assembled. This toy requires three "AA" size batteries that come included in the packaging.

Products Similar to the VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy is not a globe, but it is designed to offer your child music and other interactive features at the touch of a button. The handle has four moving beads that can be interacted with individually, or shaken together as a rattle. As with the VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball, the Take Along Tunes has a smiling character face that is designed to get children interested in playing.

For folks who rather stay with Vtech, the VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube would be the square equivalent to the round Baby Ball. The Activity Cube has a long list of interactive activities on five of its six sides, and those activities include music as well as buttons that light up. There is a five-key piano on the Activity Cube, and there is a side that has four individually shaped squares that accommodate blocks that are used to help enhance coordination.

A child's play ball is even more fun when it sings songs and lights up. The VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball takes the idea of a baby ball to the next level and becomes an innovative development toy.

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