Vtech Learning Toys

Here folks can discover many of todays popular Vtech Learning toddler toys along with a look at other developmental toys such as those offered by familar brands like Fisher-Price and Leapfrog. Discover more below.

Vtech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

The Touch and Swipe Baby Phone has a teaching mode and music mode that your child can switch between whenever they want. They can learn the alphabet and numbers, or they can spend time listening to the library of children's tunes available. The colorful buttons and friendly graphics will make your child want to play.
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Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

The VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk has plenty of activities for your child including a clock to learn how to tell time, animal identification games, alphabet exercises and learning how to count. It comes with a small stool and is lined with plenty of places to put crayons and other accessories.
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Vtech Turn and Learn Driver

The VTech Turn and Learn Driver comes complete with a steering wheel that turns, a key that turns and makes a starting sound, a shift stick that moves and a lever to turn on the turn signal. The Vtech learning toy also includes plenty of animal, counting and alphabet games for your child as well.
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Vtech Sort and Discover Activity Cube

Five of the sides on the VTech Sort and Discover Activity Cube offer your child plenty of ways to learn, play and grow. There are story books, spinning blocks, buttons that make sounds, a dial on top to point to a favorite animal and different shaped holes that have corresponding blocks to help your child learn shapes.
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Vtech Alphabet Apple

The VTech Alphabet Apple is a handheld educational device that teaches your child spelling, counting and speech skills. This toy has several settings for different types of interaction that your child can choose from. It even has a small clock in the top right-hand corner to teach your child how to tell time.
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Vtech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

The VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is a powerful learning tool in the guise of a regular flashlight. This toy plays music, offers speech lessons, helps your child to count, helps with identifying the alphabet and uses lights to get your child engaged in learning about animals and a variety of other topics.
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Vtech Light-Up Baby Touch Table

The VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet has plenty of brightly-colored buttons and a large LED display that will get your child interested in learning. This toy teaches your child about letters, numbers and animals. I also has a function that allows it to play songs your young child will love.
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Vtech Move and Crawl Baby Ball

The VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball lights up, makes sounds and rolls along for your child's enjoyment. Your child can press the various buttons to get animal sounds, music or alphabet lessons after they have spent some time chasing this fun learning ball around the room.
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So those are your more popular Vtech learning toys from Vtech. As we mentioned above, there are other toys in the learning category to consider as well... mainly those offered by Fisher-Price and Leapfrog which put out many other models your little one may also find entertaining as they play, and more importantly... Learn!