Vtech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

Kids love to dance to a rhythm, and they really love that rhythm when they are the ones playing it. The VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set gives your little drummer a chance to develop their sensory skills while putting out beats everyone can appreciate.

This toy is a joyful mix of lights and sounds that come together to help your child to enjoy music even more, and to release your child's creative imagination.

Basic Features of the VTech Drum Set

The VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set is made up of three drum pads, a cymbal, two play drumsticks and a library of songs and sound effects.

Your child can choose from three different types of music to play along with, or they can choose the freestyle option and play whatever they want. When they play freestyle, the pads light up when they strike them. When they are playing along with a song, the pads light up to help your child keep the beat.

This is a fun and durable toy that can withstand the kind of abuse your child can dish out. The manufacturer has set the age range for this toy at two to five years of age. Parents should note that older children might find this toy fun to play with as well, and this toy is designed to be able to withstand a normal level of wear and tear.

The retail price for this toy is set at $17.99, which is a price used by many online retailers. That price does not include any applicable sales tax at the point of sale, and it also does not include shipping charges as added by the manufacturer. Some retailers might offer price discounts or promotions that would bring the final purchase price down, so parents should shop around for the best deal.

Detailed Features of the Drum Set

This is not only a musical toy, but it has educational features as well. The interactive features of this toy include:

  • Three drum pads that light up when struck and each has a different sound
  • A cymbal pad
  • A library of pre-recorded songs your child can play along with in styles such as rock, jazz, pop and dance
  • There are modes that teach your children to count and recite the alphabet when they strike the drum pads
  • There is a free style mode that allows your child to play whatever they want
  • Two plastic drum sticks

There are no features included with this toy that are only for show, but there are some elements of this toy that parents should be aware of before purchasing. Those elements include:

  • This is a small drum set that should be placed on a table and not the floor
  • There is a small feature on the back of the cymbal stand that acts as a drumstick holder and nothing else
  • Parents should prevent their children from striking the pads and cymbal too hard or else they could be damaged

This is an extremely light toy that can easily be carried around by a child or parent. This toy does require a small amount of assembly, and it comes included with three "AA" size batteries in the packaging. This toy can be used indoors or outdoors, but it should be stored indoors to protect the electronics from moisture and extreme heat.

Products Similar to the VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

Rabing has a toy called the "Kids Drum Set" that has an extra cymbal and a microphone for your budding rock star to use. All three drum pads and both cymbals light up when your child hits them, and your child can choose from several different play modes to get the sound they want. Your child can turn off all of the pre-recorded music and use this toy to create their own music from their own imagination. Instead of play drum sticks, this toy comes with padded mallets which parents might appreciate a little more.

For something a bit more advanced, you can have your child try the VTech Record and Listen Kidistudio. This includes a keyboard, a DJ scratching disc, a whammy bar, drums and a microphone. Your child can play along to pre-recorded music, or they can use the record feature to create masterpieces of their own.

The VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set gives your child the chance to dance to the beat of their own drums and stir their imagination. This is a toy that can bring hours of fun to your child, while helping your child to develop sensory and motor skills at the same time.