Vtech Alphabet Apple

An educational child's toy is important to a child's development, but it is only effective if the child actually wants to play with it. With the VTech Alphabet Apple, your child will have a toy that is educational and looks fun to play as well. It is a design that will attract your child and help them to want to learn.

As you would expect, the VTech Alphabet Apple is shaped like an apple and is a large toy that your child can enjoy. It has plenty of fun features to it, and that will just make your child want to learn more.

When your little one needs a fun way to learn the alphabet, then this is the toy you want to buy.

Basic Features of the Alphabet Apple

The VTech Alphabet Apple has a handle to make it easier for your child to carry, and it has a clock with a moving hand. There are several levels you can choose from based on your child's spelling skills, and there is an individual key for each letter of the alphabet.

This toy not only helps your child to spell, but it also has exercises for learning to tell time and understanding how to speak in full sentences.

This toy has a cartoon looking worm character that helps guide your child through the different types of lessons and appears with a bright smile at the top of the toy. The toy has lights that blink in conjunction with the buttons that your child presses, and it also has a music library of almost 30 of your child's favorite songs.

The online retail price for this toy is $20.99. It is important to note that the retail price does not include any sales tax or shipping charges that may apply to your order. The manufacturer recommends an age range from two to five years old for children who use this toy.

Detailed Features of the VTech Alphabet Apple

There are several interactive features on the VTech Alphabet Apple, and those features include:

  • 26 interactive alphabet buttons
  • Eight learning levels to choose from with a selection slider that talks
  • A music maker that plays 29 songs
  • A clock with a movable hand
  • Grammar, time telling and sentence structure audio lessons
  • A handle for easy carrying
  • The buttons light up when pressed

Despite being a smaller toy, the VTech Alphabet Apple does have a few features that are only for show and offer no interactive properties. Those features include:

  • The clock does not move on its own and makes no sounds
  • The worm cartoon character at the top of the toy does not light up or make any sounds

This toy is very lightweight, which makes it easy for parents and children to carry. The VTech Alphabet Apple requires two "AA" batteries that do come included with the packaging.

However, the manufacturer strongly recommends that parents discard the demo batteries that come with the toy and use brand new batteries for the best performance.

Products Similar to the Alphabet Apple

The VTech Count and Learn Turtle is essentially the same learning toy as the VTech Alphabet Apple with the one big difference being a turtle theme instead of an apple theme.

The Count and Learn Turtle has rollers across the bottom that have images of different objects for your child to enjoy. The Count and Learn Turtle also offers several different levels of learning for your child, but it does not have a handle for easy carrying.

The LeapFrog Scribble and Write is a slightly more advanced learning toy than the VTech Alphabet Apple, but it offers the same focus on the alphabet that children get with the Apple. The Scribble and Write not only has 26 buttons for each letter of the alphabet, but it also has a special tablet children can use to write out the letters as they listen to how the letters are pronounced.

Learning toys are great ways to help encourage your child's development, but these toys work better when your child is interested in using them. With a friendly theme and a fun look, the VTech Alphabet Apple is the ideal alphabet learning toy to help your young one start on their journey to learning to speak, write and read.

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