Toddler Sports Toys & Playsets

Here folks can browse through the more popular toddler sports toys and playsets that are offered by well-known and trusted brands such as Little Tikes, Step2, and Vtech.

While there are not many on the market that receive a constant flow of good feedback for the most part, the ones we gathered are worth checking out and we will update this post when more toys pass the grade for inclusion on our site.

Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center

The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center combines basketball, baseball and football into one play set your child will enjoy for hours. The basketball set has a backboard with a real LED scoreboard to keep track of all of the baskets your child makes. The football spins as it goes between the goalposts, and the baseball takes off when your child makes contact. This a great toy to help your child build their coordination and grow their love of sports.
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Step2 SportsTastic Activity Center

The Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center has a slide, an oversized baseball to hit with the oversized bat and a toy basketball hoop complete with basketball. This is a fun little play set that can sit in the living room while you help your future athlete develop. It is made of durable plastic and has plenty of rounded edges to keep your child safe during play.
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Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center

The Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center is basketball and soccer in one toy. There are plenty of education games along the goalposts, and the LED display on the basketball backboard will make it easy to keep score. This toy sings songs for your child, and can be prompted to play a variety of educational audio files based on the many knobs and levers your child can choose from.
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So those are the more well-known items as far as your reputable toddler sports toy centers and playsets go, and while there are a few others to consider that we have yet to post we feel that the above models are worth consideration for now. As more models become available as well as garner positive feedback we will post them here for folks to research.

Vtech, Little Tikes, and Step2 also put out more individual themed toddler sports toys such as soccer goal toys, basketball, and baseball playsets as well. Folks can check those out by visiting the "Sports Tab" in the Navigation Menu.

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