Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse

The Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse has everything from a kitchen to a bay window, which makes this a place your children can enjoy. The idea behind this playhouse is a large open design that inspires play both inside and outside. When it comes to encouraging children to interact together, this playhouse has the necessary components.

The spacious roof has a skylight to allow in more light if your child chooses, and the windows have shutters for some privacy. This is the playhouse that allows your child to feel at home, even when all they are really doing is playing in the backyard.

Basic Features of the Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse

The Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse has a textured roof that is designed to look like shingles, and a skylight that can be opened and closed. Two of the windows have full shutters on them, and the half-door acts as the way that children welcome each other home.

There is a front porch with a welcome mat and a small fence, and a bay window for checking out the neighborhood. The kitchen has a stove, a sink and storage cabinets. There is also a breakfast table that can be folded down to make for more room. There are convenient storage compartments around the breakfast table area that can be used to store cooking accessories or play food (neither is included).

Step2 recommends this playhouse for children 18 months and older. There is no maximum limit on that age range because this is the kind of playhouse a child could enjoy for many years to come.

The recommended retail price of the Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse is $589.99, which does not indicate any sales tax or shipping charges that may be added by the retailer. You should also ask your retailer about any possible pricing promotions or discounts they are offering that could help to lower your final buying price.

Detailed Features of the Welcome Home Playhouse

Along with its wide-open design, there are plenty of interactive features children can enjoy with this playhouse. Those features are:

  • A skylight that opens
  • A doorbell that rings when the button is pressed
  • An electronic play phone that makes sounds
  • A half-door that opens and closes
  • Two windows with full shutters that open and close
  • Kitchen cabinets that open
  • A breakfast table that can be folded down into the wall
  • Kitchen sink with a faucet that moves
  • Stove knobs that turn

While there are plenty of interactive features in this playhouse, there are also some features that are just for show. Those features include:

  • A welcome mat that is molded into the plastic
  • Burners on the stove are just decals
  • Textured walls offer no interactive features

Because this is a larger playhouse that offers a skylight to allow more natural light in, it is recommended that this playhouse be used only outdoors. The roof on the playhouse protects children from the sun, and the shutters can be closed for privacy. This playhouse should be placed on a flat and soft surface to allow for safe fun.

There is some assembly required for this playhouse, and it is recommended that two adults do the assembly together. There is a lot to put together in this playhouse, and it will be easier with a helper. This playhouse also requires four "AAA" size batteries for the phone and doorbell components. The batteries are not included with the playhouse.

Dimensions and Weight

The assembled size of the Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse is 73 inches wide, 66 inches deep and 66 inches high. Its assembled weight of 188 pounds makes it mandatory that at least two, if not more, adults be involved in unpacking and assembling this playhouse. Once the assembled playhouse is put in place, it would take a group of adults to safely move this playhouse from one spot to another.

Products Similar to the Welcome Home Model

Step2's Naturally Playful Front Porch Playhouse is a different design than the Welcome Home Playhouse, but it has the same purpose. Both of these playhouses are designed as places where children and their friends can just be together and have fun.

The Front Porch Playhouse has a much large porch than the Welcome Home Playhouse, but the idea of allowing for maximum comfort with an open design is still there.

The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse is a town unto itself, but it is still designed to be a place where kids can get together and have fun. There are several more interactive features available on the Tikes Town Playhouse, but the idea of being a place where a lot of kids can safely get together and play is still there.

Sometimes your child wants a home of their own where they can entertain guests and just relax. With the Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse, that is exactly what your child gets. We hope this overview provided some additional guidance for folks looking for a durable and fun playhouse for their young ones!

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