Step2 Upscale Party Time Kitchen

If you're looking for a more upscale style toy kitchen for your child and have been looking for potential options, the Step2 Upscale Party Time Kitchen may be what is right for you. It has many solid features with a design your child is sure to love. Of course, it all really comes down to the amount of space you have and your budget, but if everything checks out this might be a great feature for your needs (and the need of your child too of course).

All toy kitchen sets should be broken down into a few different categories. This makes it easier to determine what is right for you and if other play kitchen sets have more of what you need. When looking at a toy such as this Step2 Upscale Party Time Kitchen model, consider these:

  • What comes with the kitchen set
  • Features of the kitchen set
  • Specifications of the kitchen set
  • Comparisons

What Comes With the Kitchen Set

One of the great features of any Step2 design kitchen is the number of accessories you receive with the set. The same is true with the Step2 Upscale Party Time Kitchen. Your child will receive over 30 additional toys, ranging from measuring cups and spoons to fake veggies, oven mitts and just about anything else you might need to run a productive kitchen.

This in turn will help you save money so you don't need to rush out and buy additional features for the kitchen. In terms of price, as of April, 2016, it does cost $120 (although this will depend on where you purchase it and what sort of shipping is attached to it). The set states it is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 15. Now, 15 is beyond pushing it. Even if your child wanted to play with the set they'd simply be too tall. In reality, it is better designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5 of 6.

Features of the Kitchen Set

There are some solid kitchen design features that come with the Step2 Upscale Party Time Kitchen. Some of these features include:

  • Two level design
  • Storage cupboards at the top to hold the accessories
  • Microwave, oven and fridge doors open and close
  • Real looking burners, microwave, stovetop and phone, all of which make noise
  • Overhead light does turn on
  • Clock in the top of the set for a real kitchen feel
  • Rack above sink for holding additional utensils

The toy is a great addition when your child enjoys playing house and they are looking for a new set that will give them everything they might want. One of the great features of Step2 play kitchen products is there really isn't all that much assembly. As the toy set is molded out of plastic, most of it comes in large, solid pieces. The cupboard and appliance doors snap into place, which means it not only is easy to put into position but should it ever pull out, you just need to snap it back. With very little in way of assembly, your child will be up and running in no time with the toy.

Specifications of the Kitchen Set

When shopping around for the right kitchen set, you really do need to take into consideration how much room it takes that way you don't buy something that is just too large for your needs.

The Step2 Upscale Party Time Kitchen comes in with measurements of approx. 32 inches wide, 28 inches tall and 19 1/2 inches deep. This puts it at an average size measurement compared to play kitchens of this caliber.

Now, it does mean you'll need about three feet (at least) of available wall space. Due to the size, you may or may not have enough space to put it into a smaller children's room. In which case, you'll need to place it into a living room or play room. The set checks in at 33 pounds, so it is possible to move it, although you should probably assemble it in a room where you intend to leave it.

Brief Comparisons

To take a quick moment to compare the kitchen set with other options to make sure you have the right kitchen model, we have the following.

For something in the same brand... the Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen Set has a more vertical alignment, but runs at the same price. It too comes with accessories, is made of plastic, and offers pretty much the same in terms of benefits and features.

As a different brand choice Little Tikes puts out some plastic play kitchens with similar features and in the same price range. Should a wooden play kitchen be more up your ally, the Kidkraft "Deluxe Big and Bright" or "Sweet Treats" models are worth a look. They just don't offer many accessories.

So to conclude, with all of the accessories you receive and the list of features, it is hard to top what the Step2 Upscale Party Time Kitchen is able to give you. Now, it is possible to feel a bit crowded on the set, but this is more due to the sheer number of accessories you receive. It does cost a bit more than other sets, so keep that in mind, but if you want an all out quality design with a good amount of features for the kitchen (so you don't need to go out and purchase an additional set of accessories), this is a great way to go.