Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center

Young children need variety to help them understand all of the choices available to them, and that is what the Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center is all about. This rugged play set is made from durable plastic and has rounded corners and edges for extra safety.

This is a play set that can be placed indoors or outdoors to give your youngster the chance to hone their sporting skills, develop their coordination and start strengthening their basic muscle groups.

Basic Features of the Step2 Activity Center

The Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center is a self-contained sports-themed play set that gives your child the chance to experience soccer, basketball and baseball whenever they want. Its lightweight design makes it easy for parents to move from spot to spot, and its rounded edges mean that children who are just learning to stand on their own won't get hurt when they fall.

All of the sports equipment is oversized to help your child develop their hand-eye coordination without getting so frustrated they quit.

With this play set, the design will encourage your child to keep swinging away at the oversized baseball and keep shooting at the basketball hoop until they get the results they want. One of the nice features of this play set is that all of the elements have their own spot on the main base where they can be safely stored.

The manufacturer recommends this play set for children 12 months and older. It has no small parts, so it presents no choking hazard. The suggested retail price for the Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center is $44.99, which is a price that may increase based on shipping costs and applicable sales tax. You should check with your favorite online retailer to see if there are any price discounts being offered that would make this play set less expensive.

Detailed Features of the Sportstastic Activity Center

The clever and ergonomic design of this play set makes it convenient for parents, and it can even encourage your child to start learning how to properly put their toys away. The full list of features for this play set includes:

  • An oversized baseball attached to the base with a swinging arm
  • An oversized baseball bat
  • A slide
  • A play ball that doubles as a basketball and soccer ball
  • A soccer net design
  • A basketball hoop without a net

This fun play set has everything your little aspiring athlete would need, but there are a few features that are only included for fun. Those features include:

  • A soccer net which is actually a grid design imbedded in the plastic wall of the base
  • A baseball diamond decal that is not interactive and does not light up
  • A basketball net which is actually just a plastic piece

This play set encourages your child to use their imagination when it comes to playing sports, and the slide helps to reinforce the idea that sports are meant to be fun. The entire play set is made from durable plastic and has rounded edges to help prevent injuries.

The Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center requires assembly, but its lightweight design means that assembly and moving the toy around can easily be accomplished by one parent. This toy does not fold up or disassemble in a way that would make it easier to store or transport.

Products Similar to the Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center

If your child is showing signs of preferring a rugged outdoor adventure over a sports themed toy, then you can consider the Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse. Along with a slide and play platform, the Lookout Treehouse also has a periscope that kids can use however their imagination inspires them. The climbing stairs and wood-grain finished plastic design make this the ultimate outdoor play set.

The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center has a soccer goal and a basketball backboard that includes a working scoreboard. The soccer goal frame is filled with interactive buttons and activities your child can enjoy while they are practicing their kicking and shooting skills. This colorful toy allows your child to develop skills in a similar way to the Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center, but with a few more bells and whistles to help encourage play.

The Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center is the first step in developing your child into a healthy little one who enjoys playing outdoors. Sports can not only help with muscle development and coordination, but they are also great for encouraging friendship and teamwork. All of that starts when you introduce your child to the Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center.

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