Step2 Playhouse Models

Folks have a nice selection of Step2 playhouse models just below, each with their own full review page which covers elements such as product dimensions, what comes with the playhouse sets, a look at the interactive features, and a glance at related brand models as well.

Step2 Neat and Tidy Cottage II

Replacing the older yet very popular Neat and Tidy original, this new playhouse is packed with loads of benefits and features your young toddler will enjoy playing with for hours such as a doorbell, flower box, kitchen sink, faucet, play grill, and more.
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Step2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse

Fun it is! And if your child loves the idea of playing with a variety of entertaining stuff this may be worth looking into. At the time of writing expect 20 play balls that can be used in the items games, a play mail box, play tubes for the balls, along with a kitchenette, storage area as well as additional cool stuff.
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Step2 Sweetheart Playhouse

Not every young girl wants a generic-looking outdoor playhouse that is meant for just anyone, and may prefer a toy that offers a color scheme and design geared toward little princesses and that is what this Step2 playhouse model accomplishes. While the playful features may be similar as others, the pink style, heart-shaped mailbox, a cooking table, and play phone will be right up your litle girl's ally!
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Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center

With cool activities such as ball throwing games, ring tossing games, a fun slide, a sit down area to rest and eat with friends along with entrances for both kids and even pets, this larger toy is great for entertaining your toddler and his or her friends. Although more expensive and a bit more to put together, this playhouse can be a real treat for when outdoor playtime nears.
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Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

This next Step2 playhouse is actually a climber toy, slide, and playhouse all in one. But with just a little imagination it can become a fortress, playground, castle, or whatever your little one imagines. What is cool about this durable model is that it offers a little bit of everything for folks who do not want several "setups" in their yard or where space simply might not allow.
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Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse

Another quality Step2 playhouse that will make a child feel right at home is this cute little model. With a sounding door bell, a play phone that rings, kitchen cabinets, breakfast table, and even a skylight, this little house is all that is needed to impress when outdoor playtime is back once again. It even looks kinda welcoming too!
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So those are some of your more popular Step2 playhouse toys that are available and offer great features and outdoor durability for a decent competitive price. Keep note that these are not listed in order of popularity and as newer models come to market and pass with generally favorable reviews, they will be posted here for additional guidance... which we hope this page has provided folks!