Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center Playhouse

The Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center is the kind of toy that can help your child be the center of fun in the neighborhood, and improve their coordination skills. Buried not so deep in the design of this entire playhouse is the idea that games can be used successfully to stir a child's imagination and boost their development.

This is definitely the type of playhouse that can comfortably accommodate more than one child, and possibly even up to a half dozen. With a parent there to make sure the fun stays safe, this playhouse can be something your child will treasure for years.

Basic Features of the Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center

The Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center has ball throwing games, ring toss games and even a place where kids can rest and grab something to eat in between games. There is a half-door for easy entrance, and a dog entrance to allow your child's favorite pet to join in the fun.

One of the exterior walls is filled with ball throwing and ring toss games, while the other side offers a simpler way of life. There is a slide for added action, and a crawl portal next to the slide.

The suggested manufacturer's retail price for this playhouse is $349.99. That price does not include any promotions or discounts that may come from your favorite online retailer, and it also does not take into account sales tax or shipping charges.

The recommended age for this toy is two years of age and up. While kids of all ages love to have fun, it is important to know that the slide and seats have weight limits that older children might exceed. Parents should keep an eye on older children to make sure they are safe, and they are not doing any damage to the Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center.

Specific Features

As dynamic as this playhouse looks, it does not have a long list of interactive features. The list of interactive features includes:

  • A half-door that opens and closes
  • A ball throwing target
  • Two ring toss games
  • One table and two chairs that are all attached to the playhouse
  • A slide
  • A crawl portal
  • A dog entrance

Much of the attraction of this playhouse comes from the games and activities it has to offer. While there are not many features that are only included for show, you will find features that offer no interactive options at all. Those features include:

  • A number decal on the door that acts as an address plate
  • Various decals of lightning bolts and other images throughout the playhouse intended to depict action
  • A textured roof and textured walls that do not add to the interactive nature of the playhouse

This playhouse is meant for outdoors, and that is why Step2 strong recommends that the Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center only be used outside. Be sure to put this on a flat surface that offers plenty of soft places for playing children to land, especially under the slide.

For a playhouse of this size and complexity, there is relatively little assembly required. The open layout of this toy makes it easier for one adult to be able to handle all of the assembly duties safely, but it is always a good idea to have a friend along to help.

Dimensions and Weight

The assembled dimensions of the Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center are 84 inches wide, 64 inches deep and 58 inches high. The assembled weight of this unit is 104 pounds, which makes having at least two adults available to receive this product when it arrives at your home a necessity.

If you find that you need to relocate the assembled playhouse after you have already put it together, then the safest approach is to disassemble the main parts and move it in pieces. If you do want to move the whole playhouse at once, then there should be no less than three adults involved in the process.

Products Similar to the Neighborhood Fun Center

The Step2 Clubhouse Climber is a little more expensive than the Neighborhood Fun Center, but it is very similar in its intent. The Clubhouse Climber offers several interactive features that include a slide and several crawl portals. The Clubhouse Climber can also be the kind of toy that helps children to gather in your yard and enjoy safe play time.

The Little Tikes Classic Castle has the same community feel of the Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center, but with a more medieval approach. There are towers to climb and doors to open in the Classic Castle, and there is a large space in the middle where everyone can meet to discuss what game to play next.

A playhouse such as the Neighborhood Fun Center is a great way to help your kids make friends, and have them develop their motor skills at the same time. The parents in your neighborhood will appreciate a place where the kids can go to have fun, and your little one gets the chance to start lifelong friendships.