Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen

Do you have a little baker in the house who just loves to help you whip up delicious baked goods? Well, why not give them their own kitchen. The Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen is designed specifically for those bakers out there who just are not tall enough (or old enough) to be working full time in your home's kitchen.

Now, with that being said, from what we gathered the color scheme design of this Step2 play kitchen is pink and purple, so keep that in mind before moving forward and buying the kitchen as it's geared more towards girls. However, in terms of actual look and feel, it is a great set and one to consider against the other designs on the market.

All toy kitchens are going to be broken down into a few different categories. Make sure to check over every category carefully to make sure you find the right particular category for your individual needs (and the needs of your child). To help out, these main categories include:

  • What comes with the kitchen set
  • Features of your kitchen
  • Specifications
  • Comparisons

What Comes With the Play Set

A major perk when buying a kitchen from Step2 is the number of accessories you receive. While every set is a bit different from the rest, the Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen comes with a 30 piece accessory set.

This includes dishes, a mobile phone and a host of other options. It does come with an overall price tag of $89 as of the time of this writing and really isn't all that high when comparing it to other sets on the market. Additionally, the kitchen features several sound effects, like a frying pan and boiling pot that make nose, although you will need to pick up two AA batteries, (not included of course).

Features of the Kitchen

There are some nice features found in this kitchen set. Some of these features to note include:

  • Microwave, oven and fridge can all open and close
  • Pull out fruit and veggies basket to give some added design movement
  • Sink with built in faucet (faucet can swing)
  • Plenty of storage with a recycle bin, several shelves and some items can be placed on the top of the set.

You will need to perform some self assembly with the Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen. Now, as the entire set is nearly all plastic, you may not need any tools as like the wooden sets, (or very few)... but instead you sort of snap it all into position. This reduces the amount of time it takes to put it into place so your child can be ready to play with the set in 20 minutes or so.


The Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen is 14 inches deep. It was a width of 28 inches and it stands at 41.5 inches tall. In terms of width, it really isn't all that big when comparing it to other kitchen sets on the market. At around 3.5 feet tall, it does have some decent height, although it isn't drastically taller than anything else you'll find for sale. The set weighs in at 28.4 pounds.

This is about right for an all plastic set. Most of the weight is positioned towards the base, and as the amount of material used thins out towards the top, you shouldn't have any real tip potential, as long as you do not store anything heavy on the top of the kitchen.

In terms of where you can place the toy, you can have it set up really in a child's room, play room or anywhere else. It doesn't take up much space width wise (less than three feet), so there shouldn't be much of a space issue. Plus, because it doesn't weight much, you can probably move it into a different room without a problem.

Comparing to Others

If you want a kitchen that doesn't take up much space, you can also look towards the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen. It is a corner unit that costs $79). This is great when you want a nice design but don't have a lot of space to work with. Now, if you like what Step2 is able to offer you and want to stick with the particular brand, the Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen is smaller, doesn't take up much space and also costs around the same ($79). So, you do have plenty of options if you don't want to go overboard with the price and still want a smaller kitchen setup.

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen offers your child a great way to play and have some fun. If the color scheme fits the kind of colors they like, the added accessories and other design features are fun, without breaking the bank. Continually comparing all of the different kitchens on the market is a must, but you'll always have a great product if this is the one you decide to go with.