Step2 Kitchen Playsets

Aside for Kidkraft kitchens, a Step2 kitchen playset is another great option as this brand currently offers folks a nice selection of models to select from with different styles and colors for both young girls and boys. We gathered the more popular and favorable items and provided full reviews just below.

We've seen "Step2" and "Step 2" spelled a couple of different ways, both spellings however refer to the same play kitchens reviewed here.

Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen

As one of the most common Step 2 kitchen sets the Lifestyle Fresh Accents toy is great for both girls and boys with it's neutral color scheme and generous amount of included accessories and decent price tag. Discover more

Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accent Kitchen

This model offers a color scheme more towards girls, is fairly easy to assemble, comes with a 30 piece accessory set, sports a electric burner over, a microwave, fridge, a sink with faucet as well as other great features! Discover more

Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen

With more of an older european style look, and color scheme that will be good for both boys and girls, this model provides folks another good option from Step2. Coming with a bunch of accessories and sporting features such as doors and draws that open and close and plenty of storage, this nearly four foot play kitchen is great for toddlers entering preschool years.
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Step2 Custom Brights Kitchen

This unit is large enough for several toddlers to play with at once, and as it's name states, the set has bright colors, all which are suitable for girls and boys. In fact this Step2 kitchen has the same build as the "Little Bakers" kitchen we reviewed above and the color scheme is the only major difference. We still gave it its own review though.
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Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen

As one of the larger sets out there, this Step2 kitchen allows young tots to walk in to their very own pretend kitchen as it's name applies and have hours of fun with features such as doors that open and close, electronic sounds and light that mimic a working kitchen and a time-of-writing 100+ piece accessory set.
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Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

Closely resembling the "Upscale PartyTime" (below) and "Custom Brights" models this Custom kitchen set is another Step2 kitchen to consider. As we stated above, some sets share similar features and it is the color scheme instead that is the main difference. But that is not a reason to leave some still popular models out.
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Step2 Upscale Partytime Kitchen

The Upscale Partytime model provides toddlers exacting what it's name states as they can have fun with their pretend fun kitchen time in an enviroment that has nice colors, multiple features, and loads of accessories just like most of the Step2 models we review on this page.
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Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen Set

This one, although probably not the most popular model sold by Step2, at least at the time of this post is another large play kitchen to consider when either several kids will be playing with it at once, or if you're simply in the market for a big set that you want to compare to other units.
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To conclude this page, those are the more popular and common Step2 kitchen set models for folks to consider. While most, if not all are made of plastic, they maintain a quality appearance and build. However, if a wooden play kitchen is more on your list, check out Kidkraft play kitchens.