Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal

Toy manufacturers are getting clever in finding ways to get the most out of even the simplest designs, and the Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal is a prime example of the evolution of toy design.

The name of this toy set is misleading because it is so much more than just a soccer goal. This is an extremely versatile toy that can offer your child hours of fun and the chance to refine their skills in several different sports.

Basic Features of the Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal

The Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal is at least three toys in one and has a durable frame that will last for many years. It is a toy that can be used to practice skills in baseball, soccer and hockey.

It can be used as a pitching backstop that throws the ball back to your child, and it can also be used by your child to help catch hot grounders or pop flies heading into the outfield.

As a goal, this toy can help a child to improve their kicking accuracy while making sure the ball kicks right back to them each time they score. The elastic net material is also great for returning street hockey balls as they make contact with the back of the net. This is a truly versatile toy that can keep your child entertained for hours.

The Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal comes with hockey sticks, a street hockey puck, a pitching ball and a soccer ball. Everything your child needs to become proficient in all three sports comes in one package, and the colorful net design means that your child will never lose sight of their target.

The age range for this toy as recommended by the manufacturer is three to seven years of age. This toy has some small parts that could create choking hazards, and parents need to be aware of this hazard before buying this toy for their child.

The current retail price of this toy is $31.99, but that price does not include any discounts applied by online retailers. That price also does not take into account shipping costs and applicable sales tax that may be added.

Detailed Features of this Soccer Goal Toy

The Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal is a complete play set that comes with everything your child would need for hours of sporting fun. The play set comes with:

  • A multipurpose goal that has an elastic back
  • Two street hockey sticks
  • A street hockey puck
  • A pitching ball
  • A soccer ball

The Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal is very lightweight and can be easily moved by a parent to any spot in the yard. While the toy is light, it does not disassemble easily for storage and transportation.

This toy does require assembly before it can be used, and parents should take the time to make sure the elastic netting is functioning properly and secured in place before their child begins play.

Products Similar to the Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal

If your child wants to expand their sports horizons, then the Step2 Shootin' Hoops Junior Basketball Set is a good product to have along with the Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal. The Junior Basketball Set is adjustable in height to grow along with your child, and it comes with a real cloth net for that familiar swooshing sound. It is made of durable plastic, and the base can be filled with water or sand to add stability.

The iiSPORT Soccer Goal has a similar look to the Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal, and offers your child the chance to practice their hockey and soccer skills. While the iiSPORT Soccer Goal does not have the elastic back that the KickBack Soccer Goal has, it is a portable goal that can be used in a variety of situations. The cloth netting on the iiSPORT Soccer Goal can be used as a baseball backstop, but without the convenient elastic return feature.

It is important to get young children interested in a variety of sports to help with their physical and emotional development. Products such as the Step2 KickBack Soccer Goal give children plenty of ways to work on their motor skills, muscle development and hand-eye coordination.

Whether you have a future athlete on your hands or not, this is the kind of toy that will give your child hours of fun. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move to any part of your yard, but its durable plastic frame ensures that this is a toy your child will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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