Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen

There are some play kitchen sets designed to go after a specific look and feel, often from decades ago. That is exactly the case when it comes to this Step2 Heart of The Home Kitchen Set model.

This is a set that is designed to look more like an old European kitchen, with a stone cooking top and a spaced out design. It makes for a great talking point with your child and simply provides a unique look you may not find anywhere else. With that being said, you should always compare the kitchen set to make sure it is the right product for you and your child.

While sorting through the different kitchen sets available, after you have found a few you really like the look of, take a moment to compare the sets using these different specific categories we think may help aid in a final decision. These categories include:

  • What comes with your play set
  • Specifics of the set
  • Specifications of the set
  • Comparisons

What Comes With the Kitchen Set

If there is one thing to point out about any kitchen designed by Step2, it is that it always comes with accessories. The same is true with this Step2 Heart of The Home Kitchen. It comes packed with a 41 piece accessory set. Plus, with ample storage placed into the kitchen, you don't need to worry about wondering where to place these different pieces.

This includes everything from some dishes to a coffee pot and a few other odds and ends. Beyond this, there is a white board placed on the fridge so your child can make notes, menus, draw, etc.

Now, the kitchen set has a recommended age range of 2 years to 8 years old. Eight is probably a bit high on the age range as your child simply will be too tall to play with it, even if they still want to. Realistically, it is for children between the ages of 2 and 5, depending on how tall your child is. The set itself comes with a price tag of around $132 (as of the time of this writing), although this price may vary, depending on where you purchase it and if you need to pay for shipping.

We point that out since this is the average one can expect to pay for a kitchen of this look, feel and quality build.

Features of the Kitchen Set

There are some nice features found on this Heart of The Home Kitchen Set. Some of these features sport:

  • Includes a pet untiring center for added realism
  • Reusable grocery bag to help with sustainability
  • Cupboard doors feature a translucent window so you can see inside
  • Oven, fridge, microwave and cupboard doors all open
  • Utensil hooks are located in different areas of the play set
  • Plenty of storage locations built into the set

With this play kitchen comes some self assembly you will need to perform, but as it is just a thick plastic, most of it comes pre-molded. You will not need many tools as everything snaps into place. While it is a bit more cumbersome putting together due to its shape when comparing to other kitchens from Step2, you should be able to have it all "snapped" together in 30 minutes or so.

Specifications of the Kitchen Set The Step2 Heart of The Home Kitchen Set is a full foot deep. It is 45.1 inches wide and a total of about 48 inches tall. This makes it one of the wider and taller kitchen sets on the market for the price. At a full four feet tall, it has some nice added storage space around the sides and there are even places to store books and other objects at the top of the kitchen set. In terms of weight, the toy kitchen weighs in at approx. 35 pounds.

For the plastic sets category, this is just a bit more weight than most, although it doesn't really compare when putting it against the mostly wood sets from competitors... which leads out to.

Some Brief Comparisons

If you want a kitchen that has a bit of a country feel to it but is made with more wood than plastic, check out the Deluxe Wooden Toy Kitchen by Howa as an option. It costs $139 and while it doesn't have the height or the storage space, (or as popular as Step2) it does feature a nice, sturdy base.

Little Tikes offers some nice sets too, just have a look around on this site for those.

If you want to stay with the Step2 kitchens as your brand, the Upscale Party Time Kitchen is nice and compact with a large number of nice kitchen features packed into the same space. It actually may feel a bit overcrowded, but you receive a good amount of features and the price tag sits at a close $120, so it is a bit less expensive than this Step2 Heart of The Home Kitchen Set we're reviewing here.

So to conclude, if you like the look of the Step2 Heart of The Home Kitchen, you should pull the trigger and pick it up. It is a great set that really is fun with a unique display and look to it.

Now, if it is not exactly the kind of design you want please check out your other options as there are many. We hope this page at the very least provided some guidance!

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