Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill

Looking to really go with a top notch play kitchen set for your child? The Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill is a great option as it really is one of the larger sets out there. Plus, as it is a walk-in-style kitchen where your child can physically walk into the kitchen and be nearly completely covered by the kitchen, it is different from most other options on the market. Of course, with it you'll find a more expensive price tag and needing a little more room to house it, but if you don't mind spending more money on the kitchen for this particular setup, you'll really reap the rewards, not to mention your child will love it.

When shopping around for the best toy kitchen set, there are a few different categories you always should keep in mind. Some of these categories include:

  • What comes with the set
  • Features of the kitchen set
  • Specifications of the kitchen set
  • Comparison

What Comes With This Kitchen?

In terms of sheer number of accessories, you may be blown away with what the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill model comes with.

At the time of this post upon purchasing the set, you receive a 103 accessory kit. You'd probably end up paying well over $100 just for the accessories, if you decided to purchase these pieces separately. Everything else is built into the kitchen but it really is a solid design and once you have put it all together it is ready to be used and your child won't need to wait around for you to pick up some accessories to enhance the experience.

There are some features in the kitchen that make noise, which is a nice little option, although you will need 2 AA batteries (not included) in order for these sounds to work.

The set is designed for children between the ages of 2 years and 8 years. As it is a larger set, it is something that can be used by slightly older children. The only element to keep in mind is the height of your children as they will eventually become too tall to fit into the toy set.

Kitchen Set Features

When it comes to the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill, you do receive some nice features. So, while shopping around and comparing different products, make sure to keep these features in mind:

  • 3 Real electronic features found in grill, stove top and phone (make noise and light up)
  • The sink and faucet come with a stainless steel look
  • Attached dining area to sit at on the outside of the set, great for actually eating snacks
  • Storage areas throughout the kitchen
  • Cupboards, fridge, oven, grill, microwave and other parts all open and close

Your Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill is mostly made of all plastic, so it doesn't require any real additional pieces or tools to put it together. As it is on the larger side it will take you some time to have it completely assembled. So, make sure to have an hour or two set aside for your child before it is ready to go.

Specifications of the Kitchen Set

As first mentioned, the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill is on the larger side, so make sure to keep that in mind. It has a depth of around 36.4 inches, a width of 50.8 inches and is about 47 inches tall. While it is a bit on the higher side of average in terms of height, both the depth and width are significantly larger than most other sets you are going to find. Due to this, you really need to find a large open space for this. It is probably too large for a child's room. Instead, look towards an open play room. Or, if you live in an area where the weather is nice most of the year, it can actually work well on a patio outside and the eating side table built into the set is a perfect little feature as well.

In terms of weight, it rings in at 53 pounds, which for the size is about average. However, once you have it set up you probably won't be moving it simply based on the overall dimensions. So where it's constructed is most likely the spot where you will want to keep it.


For this one it is a bit tricky to compare it with other kitchens on the market. There are not a lot in terms of design. If you want something large, the Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen is extremely large, although you don't walk inside of it. The price tag does hit $268, so keep that in mind. As for other brands, the Teamson Kids Pink Play Kitchen is two pieces, but is around the same price at $205 (there may or not be other color choices other than pink from what we gathered but will post on this site if we come across some).

To close this post, the Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill from Step2 offers you and your child a great design that features different looks and options you simply are not going to find anywhere else on other kitchens. It possesses a nice feel of almost an indoor/outdoor kitchen space. So, keep this in mind when it comes to selecting the right kitchen for your child.

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