Step2 Custom Brights Kitchen Set

Looking for a safe child's kitchen play set that is both child friendlily and perfect for little minds wanting to explore and imagine life in the kitchen? If so, the Step2 Custom Brights Kitchen Set may fit what you're looking for. Designed specifically for younger toddlers and children, this set does have some nice features to consider.

With other kitchen sets out there though, you need to make sure it not only fits your budget and space, but the overall size needs of your children as well. These are some of the most important features to keep in mind when considering this set.

The set is designed for younger children and there are just a few specifics to keep in mind when shopping for the right child's kitchen set. To help, some of these main categories include:

  • What Comes With the Set
  • Features of the Kitchen Set
  • Specifications of the Kitchen Set
  • Comparisons

What Comes With the Kitchen Set

There are always a few nice features with any Step2 designed kitchen. In terms of the Step2 Custom Brights Kitchen Set, you do receive 20 accessories, so you don't need to go out and purchase more toys for the set. It also has a frying pan and boiling pot that make noise which is fun but of course you will need to purchase additional AA batteries (not included).

The set runs $109 (as of April, 2016), so keep this in mind when shopping around. This price tag can vary a bit, especially when you consider shipping, so try to budget accordingly. The set also states it is for children between the ages of two years and eight. Eight is far too old for the height of this set. Instead, your child will probably max out at five, as even six is likely going to be too tall for this particular set.

Features of the Kitchen Set

Beyond the accessories and the cool noise making features, there are some nice elements of the Step2 Custom Brights Kitchen Set. Some of the main ones include:

  • Plenty of storage in the cupboards and appliances
  • Oven and fridge doors open and close
  • Dish rack above the sink makes for great storage opportunities
  • A storage bin slides out from one side and can be moved around.
  • Electronic toy phone is included

There really are some fun elements to the kitchen and it comes with some nice features. Additionally, if you are considering how much assembly is required for these different kitchen sets, this one in particular doesn't require much thanks to the large, plastic mold of the set. What is needed to be assembled can be snapped into position, so you won't need to worry about this. In total, it probably takes about 20 minutes for it to be put together.

Specifications of the Kitchen Set

The kitchen set is approx. 28 inches long with a depth of 14 inches. It also stands at around 41 inches. In total, this is about average for most kitchen sets, give or take an inch or two. It also has a total item weight of 28 pounds. This makes it easy enough to move it around to another room, if you need. As the kitchen set is less than three feet wide, you can probably put it in nearly any room.

Some Comparisons

If you want a similar child's kitchen play set but want a Step2 option, the Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset may be the best option for you. It is a bit less expensive with a $97 price tag. It is basically the same exact design and you receive the same accessories bin. However, this has more of a white, gray and brown color scheme instead of the brighter, green, orange and blue look. Really, with this one it just depends on the color scheme you're looking for.

If you'd like to go outside of the Step2 world and opt for a different play set brand, there are several options available to you. The less common but decent quality Howa Wooden Toy Kitchen that comes with 5 Accessories is one option. It has a much more sturdy feel to it and may last a bit longer. While it looks more like a real kitchen, it only comes with a handful of accessories. It also costs more at $150. Here, you need to determine if the real feeling kitchen set with a higher price tag is a better fit than the bright kitchen set from Step2.

KidKraft is another brand to consider as they offer lots of models.

The Step2 Custom Brights Kitchen Set is designed for smaller children. So, if your child is already 3 or 4, you may want to go with something a bit larger as this will not be tall enough for your older children for very long. Should it fit into the necessary requirements you have, it can prove an efficient look and feel for your needs. Just weight all of the benefits against some of the other kitchens on the market today.