Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen Set

The Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen Set is an exceptional kitchen option for young children. It has a bit more of a modern feel to it over what other play sets from Step2 provides... but as is the case with any play kitchen you decide to purchase just make sure it is the right fit for your family needs. Hopefully the following points ahead help with that!

This set has some unique features, yet some features you may want may also be lacking. It really just depends on what exactly you are looking for and what your child is hoping for. There are a few basic categories you need to consider to make sure it fits into your particular product needs. These individualized categories include:

  • What comes with the kitchen
  • What are features of the set
  • Product specifications
  • Comparisons

What Comes with the Kitchen Set?

First of all, there are two individual models available with the Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen Set. It kind of depends if you want to go with the new release or the other offering. The older offering is designed with a brown palette and looks more like it is out of a brick castle story. The newer release is a more modern set with a black, blue and brown color tone. Some locations do not offer the older version, but just keep in mind if you locate a site that offers both, the product is essentially the same, just different colors.

One aspect that is nice when it comes to any Step2 kitchen set is the inclusion of an accessory set. Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen Set does come with a decent 25-piece accessory set, so it is ready to play with once set up (and it gives your child something to play with while you pop it together). Depending on where you purchase it, the kitchen set may cost a shade under $80 (as of April, 2016).

What are the Features of the Kitchen

There are some nice features found on the kitchen. These features include:

  • Turnable knobs that click
  • Fridge and oven doors open and close
  • Pass through window behind the sink to give a fun indoor/outdoor feel
  • Stove burners have lights and sound effects to enhance playtime
  • Some storage space includes a provided recycle bin, several hooks for toy accessories, plus the oven door can be used for storage.

The Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen Set does require a bit of assembly, although it is basically just a few larger plastic parts you pop into place. It doesn't require any additional tools and you can probably have everything ready to go in 20 minutes or so.

Product Specifications

The Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen Set has measurements of around 11.5 inches deep, 34.4 inches long and 38.5 inches tall. It is longer than many of the other smaller toy kitchen sets out there (nearly three feet in length), although the height is a bit shorter than some options. In terms of room placement, you can probably put this just about anywhere. However, if your child wants to use the window on the set, you may need to keep it in a play room as you'll need ample space to walk around the kitchen.

The set is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5 (anything over 5 and the set will probably be too short). It also requires two AA batteries, (not included) for the oven lights and sound effects to work.


The great thing about buying a kitchen set now is there are plenty of options. If you want to stick with the same brand, you can consider the Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen Set. This is a similar model, although it has a brick stove feature, which is pretty interesting, and a few additional doors. It is slightly larger in size and height and the price tag does reflect it ($132), although if you want something a bit larger from the same brand, this can work.

In terms of product size and similar features, also consider the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen. At a time of writing price at $99, this is another plastic set, although it has a bit more counter top space and storage space. It doesn't have the prominent window like Step2's Best Chef's Kitchen Set, but if you want an option for just a few dollars more that includes the nice storage options, this may be something to consider. The color tone is gray, black, white and blue, so if you want one that is brighter, this doesn't really work.

The Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen Set is a nice play set that has more of a modern look to it, although it is, for better or worse, just a large pice of plastic. It is easy to set up and less expensive than most products out there, so keep all of this in mind when shopping around. It may be perfect for you, or you may rather have something slightly different based on the design.

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