Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter Review

When parents get their children scooters, it is always preferable to get scooters that are versatile and offer great value.

When you can pair great value up with durability and great safety features, then you have something that parents can agree on. The Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter is made from high quality steel and has some very versatile features. For parents who are looking for the ideal scooter for their little one, this scooter offers plenty of excellent options.

A scooter helps your children to develop balance, coordination and dexterity that will be important as they get older. Not only that, but scooters are a lot of fun for children of all ages. If you are looking to invest in a scooter that your child will be able to enjoy for a long time, then take a good look at the Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter.

Basic Features of the Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter

The Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter can quickly be altered from a two to three-wheel scooter for versatility. This means your child can use this scooter to learn how to ride properly, and then remove the third wheel to advance their balance and dexterity skills. The hand grips are oversize for comfort and balance, and this scooter folds up for easy storage and transportation.

The bright green and blue color scheme helps add to your child's fun, while the aluminum and steel construction make this scooter durable.

The standing deck is perfectly placed to allow your child complete control over their scooter, while also putting your child high enough off the ground to avoid obstacles such as rocks and sticks.

The manufacturer recommends a minimum age of three years old for this scooter, and there is also a maximum weight limit of 45 pounds. Parents will need to be aware of both of these guidelines as they make their final buying decision.

The list price for this toy is $39.99, which is a price that does not include charges such as sales tax or shipping. When you decide on an online vendor to use for your purchase, you should look into any possible pricing promotions or discounts you can use to lower your final purchase cost.

Detailed Features of the Scooter

The Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter is a fun scooter that can be a child's toy for most of their formative years. There are several features that come with this scooter including:

  • Oversize foam hand grips
  • Aircraft grade aluminum and steel construction
  • Long standing deck for stability
  • The ability to change from a two to three-wheel scooter
  • The steering column folds down to make storage and transportation easier

One of the things that makes this scooter fun is its color scheme and the few features that are on the scooter only for show. Those features include:

  • Designs all over the scooter that have no significance and are not interactive in any way
  • There is no protection covering the back wheel to prevent your child from stepping on the wheel while using the scooter

The Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter is extremely lightweight, which means that it can easily be handled by an adult or child. There is a small amount of assembly required, which includes applying decals.

There is ongoing adjustments required to the scooter each time your child wants to change from two to three wheels. The adjustments are extremely simple and can be done quickly.

Products Similar to the Kixi Mixi Scooter?

The SMI line of Scooters for Kids comes in only a three-wheel design, but it offers some pretty wild colors that make it as much fun as the Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter.

The Scooters for Kids are height adjustable, which is the manner in which SMI allows the scooter to grow with your child. The standing deck on the SMI scooter is similar to the Kixi Mixi, and the SMI scooter also has oversize hand grips.

As other brand comparisons, take a look at Scooters put out by Little Tikes or OxGord as well since they offer a cool colored three wheel designs that rival the well-known Razor brand.

Also, for a slight step up to the Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter, Razor offers the A3 Kick Scooter. This is a two-wheel toy that has a height adjustable steering column. If your child is ready to stick with two-wheel riding, then this would be the logical step to take. If not, the "toddler ready" scooter model on this page is definitely a good place to start!

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