Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter

There is no rule in the world of toys that says that a scooter has to look like every other scooter ever made. When scooter manufacturers do their best to create toys that engage children's imaginations and inspire children to get excited about their development, then that makes life easier on parents.

The Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter is one of those scooters that doesn't look like a scooter, but it is definitely a toy your child will enjoy.

This scooter looks more like a seated vehicle, but it uses a scooter wheel design to get around. Made in the shape of a turtle, this scooter allows your young one to feel the sensation of rolling along the sidewalk, while never losing track of how much fun they are really having.

Basic Features of the Twisti Turtle Scooter

This seated scooter is designed for the littlest ones who want to get moving on their own at a faster pace. The wide handlebars are accessible for little arms, and the padded handle grips make it easy for your child to maintain control.

The eyes of the big turtle named Twisti move along with the handlebars to give your child incentive to keep making turns and moving on to new adventures.

The frame is made of durable plastic and designed to be impact-resistant. The handlebars are shaped in such a way that your child can use their hands and feet to move the handlebars back and forth to create forward momentum.

The formed plastic seat is designed for maximum comfort, and the four-wheel layout means that your child is always able to stay safe when they are moving along.

This is a scooter has a minimum age of 18 months old, but it also has a maximum weight limit of 55 pounds. The extra durability means that your child can enjoy this scooter for a very long time.

The current list price for this unique scooter is $44.99, which is a price that does not take into account sales tax and shipping costs. You may be able to find an online vendor who offers a promotional discount or special price on this scooter to lower your overall purchase price.

Detailed Features of the Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter

The Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter is a quality toy that is designed to have several interactive features that your child can enjoy. Those features include:

  • A formed plastic seat designed for comfort
  • A durable plastic frame that is designed to withstand impact and shock
  • Oversize foam hand grips
  • Handlebars that can be operated with the feet and hands
  • Four polypropylene wheels with additional surface grip
  • Eyes in the turtle's head that move with the movements of the handlebars

This scooter also includes non-interactive features such as:

  • Nothing else in the turtle's head is animated
  • The seat is not adjustable

Parents should be aware that this scooter does require some minor assembly that includes applying decals. There is no ongoing adjustments needed for your child to be able to enjoy this toy, and the toy is lightweight enough for adults and children to be able to handle.

Products Similar to the Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter

Razor has a line of Jr. Twisti products that includes the L'il Buzz bee and Lady Buzz lady bee. These character scooters are excellent ways for your young child to learn how to use their motor skills to control vehicles and create motion. And provides another animal-themed option.

The Mason Corporation has a line of young child scooters called the Sport Roller Racers that come in a variety of colors. While the Mason products do not offer the fun character themes found in the Razor products, the Mason scooters do offer the same motor skill and coordination development found in the Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter.

Children use their feet and hands to move the Mason scooters back and forth to create forward movement in the same way that they move the Jr. Twisti scooters forward.

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