Razor Junior T3 Scooter

Your little scooter fan is growing up and they want to move into something that is just a little more sporty. As a parent, you want to make sure that whatever you get your child will keep them safe and last for a long time. The solution for both of you may be the Razor Junior T3 Scooter.

This is a durable and versatile scooter that will help your child to work on their advanced riding skills and continue to develop their coordination.

The Razor Junior T3 Scooter has a bit of a grown-up look to it, which will also be something that appeals to your growing child. The unique design of the three-wheel layout helps your child to retain control at all times, while also accommodating those special moves your child has always wanted to try out.

Basic Features of the Razor Junior T3 Scooter

The Razor Junior T3 Scooter features a three-wheel design with the front two wheels angled for more control. The long standing deck also has a back wheel cover to prevent your child from stepping on the rear wheel as it moves. The oversize rubber grips offer plenty of comfort and safety, while the oversize front wheels give your child finger touch control.

The wheels are made of durable urethane, and the deck is slip-resistant. Your child will find the rear brake convenient and they will enjoy the subtle but fun color scheme.

The oversize front end makes it easier for your child to retain control on hills, and the wide standing deck means that your child will always be able to keep their feet in place.

The manufacturer recommends this toy for children three years of age and older, and there is a 48 pound maximum weight limit on this toy as well. Parents are reminded to keep these two manufacturer recommendations in mind when they are purchasing this toy for their child.

The current online retail price for this scooter is $49.99, which is the selling price minus applicable sales tax and shipping charges. Parents will want to do comparative shopping to find online retailers who may be offering promotional discounts or special pricing on this toy.

Detailed Features of the T3 Scooter

There are several interactive features for children to use and explore on the Razor Junior T3 Scooter, and those features include:

  • Three-wheel design with oversize and angled front wheels
  • Polypropylene deck and urethane wheels
  • A wide and long design to the deck that is also slip-resistant
  • Oversize foam hand grips
  • A cover for the rear wheel
  • A rear wheel brake

This scooter also includes some non-interactive features that parents should be aware of. Those features include:

  • The plastic covering on the front does not light up or offer any extra features
  • The front end has an open design that is not there for any repair or maintenance purposes

This toy is lightweight and easy for an adult or child to handle. There is some assembly required for this toy, which may or may not include applying decals. This toy does not require any ongoing adjustments for children to be able to enjoy it, and it is not adjustable in any way to a child's height or size.

The Landwalker Foldable Kick Scooter is a product that is similar to the Razor Junior T3 Scooter in many ways, but offers children and parents an alternative choice.

The Landwalker scooter is height adjustable, and it can be folded up for easy storage and transport. The Landwalker has a three-wheel design and a back wheel cover, and it also has a fun color theme that includes clear wheels.

For a scooter in the same Razor Jr. brand that is geared more towards younger toddlers under 3 years of age, parents should check out the Twisti Turtle model.

We also would like to quickly recommend folks glance at the Little Tikes "Lean to Turn" scooter as well before making a final choice on this model reviewed here.

In addition, a slightly older child who is more interested in a two-wheel design will want to check out the Razor A3 Kick Scooter.

This scooter is height adjustable and features a longer standing deck for convenience. The A3 Kick Scooter is made of aircraft grade aluminum, and folds for convenient storage and transport. It also includes a rear fender brake, and it can accommodate riders up to 143 pounds.

We hope this page provided helpful guidance for parents looking for the perfect toddler scooter.

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