Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter

When your child is first learning how to gain their balance and use their coordination, it helps to get them toys that will encourage them to use and refine those skills. As a parent, you know that your child will show the greatest interest in toys that pique their imagination, and that is exactly what the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter does.

With its robot theme and special features, it is hard to find a scooter that will do more than this one to motivate your child to develop their skills.

With something like the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter, your children want to work harder to be able to enjoy the toy more. Since this toy has plenty of features to help your child develop at their own pace, it is easy to see your child spending hours of quality time on this scooter.

Basic Features of the Robo Kix Scooter

A description of the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter has to start with the foam robot hands that are a permanent part of the handle grips. These are actually used as the handle grips, and they are painted to look just like real robot hands. The wide standing deck includes a back wheel cover that allows your child to cruise safely without worrying about accidentally stepping on back wheel while it is moving.

The Tilt-to-Turn feature allows your child to learn how to turn at their pace as the scooter responds instantly to their body movements when they want to turn. The scooter's three-wheel design is enhanced by the wide base of the front wheels which help to keep your child in control.

The color scheme with a base color of silver gives this scooter the futuristic look your child will enjoy.

The manufacturer has set a maximum user weight for this toy of 44 pounds, which parents need to keep in mind before they make their purchase. The minimum recommended age for this toy is three years old, and there is no maximum age limit associated with the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter.

The retail price for this scooter as set by the manufacturer is $44.99, which is not inclusive of any sales tax or shipping charges. Prior to making your final buying decision, you should check and see if your favorite online retailer is offering any discounts or pricing promotions for this toy.

Details of the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter

It looks like there is a lot of detail to the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter, but it is important to differentiate between the interactive and non-interactive features. The interactive features include:

  • Oversize handle grips that are shaped and painted to look like giant robot hands
  • Three-wheel design with broad front wheel base
  • Large standing deck
  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Tilt-to-Turn feature that makes it easier for your child to learn how to turn the scooter

As much fun as the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter can be, parents should note that there are a lot of features that are just for show. Those features include:

  • None of the robotic features light up or offer any animation
  • The robotic face on the front of the scooter is only a decal
  • The horns on the top of the face are not animated in any way
  • The robotic hands do not move and cannot be removed from the scooter

This scooter is lightweight and safe for adults and children to handle. There is some limited assembly required despite the toy's complicated look, but there are no ongoing adjustments needed for your child to enjoy this toy.

Products Similar to the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter

While it seems like the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter is a unique an possible one-of-a-kind toy, Razor actually has an entire line of toys with special oversize hand grips fashioned into characters.

The line includes the Zombie Kix and the Kitten Kix scooters which are good alternatives to check out before committing to this Robo model. Razor uses fun color schemes with all scooter models to add to your child's fun and help enhance their imagination.

Other brands to research that put out similar items are Little Tikes, especially the Lean to Turn models along with toddler scooter offered by OxGord which are do not put out as many selections but carry a quality product.

Razor does seem to have a monopoly on character hand grips, but the Kingo line of Scooters for Kids uses the same types of bright and fun colors found on the Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter to make riding fun. The Scooters for Kids are three-wheel scooters with protection for the back wheel and a height adjustment feature.

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