Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Chalk Scooter

Sometimes toy makers remember that they are making products for children and they include some of the most interesting features in their products. When those same toy makers incorporate fun features with ingenious ways to help children develop their coordination and motor skills, then you have a real winner.

The Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter is more than just a neat scooter for your little one, it is the best way for your children to learn how to move their way up to bicycles and other toys.

The Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter allows little ones to scoot around and leave their mark at the same time. There are also features on this scooter that enhance your child's ability to maintain their balance and learn all of the skills they will need to learn as they continue to develop.

Basic Features of the Scooter

The Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter is a three-wheel scooter with the two wheels in the front.

To help your little one learn to turn and balance themselves, this scooter comes with the Tilt-to-Turn feature which safely turns the scooter whenever your child leans in the direction they want to go. The wide front wheel base also adds to the safety features offered by this scooter.

On the back of the Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter there are two springs with two foam chalk holders that can hold pieces of chalk that come with the scooter. When you run out of chalk, you can use standard sidewalk chalk as a replacement.

The body is made of durable steel, and the standing deck is plastic. The oversize foam grips make riding comfortable and fun for your child.

The manufacturer has put a minimum age of three years old on this toy, and there is also a maximum weight of 44 pounds associated with this scooter as well. Parents who intent to purchase this toy for their child will want to pay attention to both guidelines before making their purchase.

The manufacturer's list price on this scooter is $39.99, which does not take into account sales tax or shipping charges. Your online retailer might be able to offer a promotional price or pricing special that will help to reduce your final purchase price.

Detailed Features of the Razor Jr. Scooter

There is a lot to the Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. The detailed features of this scooter include:

  • Three-wheel design with wide front wheel base
  • Welded steel body with plastic standing deck
  • Tilt-to-Turn feature helps children to learn how to turn and maintain their balance
  • Two springs with foam chalk holders installed just over the back wheel allow your child to make their mark as they ride
  • Oversize handle grips add comfort and safety

This scooter offers some fun features for parents and children, but there are some features that are just for show that parents should be aware of. Those features include:

  • There is no height adjustment for this scooter
  • The green and blue color scheme lacks colorful decals

This scooter weighs only seven pounds, which means that it is safe for adults and children to handle on their own.

There is a small amount of assembly required by parents before children can use the scooter, but there is no ongoing assembly or adjustments required once the toy is put together. The only recurring adjustment required is replacing the chalk when it runs out.

Products Similar to the Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter?

SMI, a somewhat less popular brand than Razor has a line of scooters called Scooters for Kids that has many of the same basic design features as the Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter, but the SMI products do not have the chalk feature.

Parents will find that Razor is the only manufacturer that offers the chalk feature, but the SMI has the same three-wheel design with broad two-wheel base for maximum safety that is found in the Razor products.

Other brands to consider along with Razor Jr. are Fisher-Price, which offers a more "child-like" design on their small line of scooters. There is also a model put out by Little Tikes that is similar to the Razor Jr. model reviewed here, only without the chalk feature.

In addtion, Razor makes a line of child helmets and other safety accessories that parents should consider purchasing when they purchase the Razor Jr. Kixi Scribble Scooter. Along with helmets, Razor also offers knee and elbow pads to make sure that your child's attempt at learning how to ride their scooter is as painless as possible.