Radio Flyer Pro Glider Scooter

Some toy makers just know how to make their iconic designs look good on almost any kind of toy, and Radio Flyer is one of those companies. Why would a child want to ride down the street on a regular scooter when they could be seen riding on a Radio Flyer Pro Glider?

This is a durable scooter that looks good and offers your child the features they need to have hours of fun. It is also a great scooter to help your older child work on their developing balance and coordination skills.

The Radio Flyer Pro Glider has a sleek design and all round edges to make sure that your child is always safe. The standing deck is made of durable plastic, and the design will help your child to develop their scooter riding skills at their own pace.

When you want to give your child a bit of your own past in a format that really makes the design stand out, then you want to give your child a Radio Flyer Pro Glider.

Basic Features of the Pro Glider

The Radio Flyer Pro Glider includes Lean-to-Steer technology which allows your child to learn how to steer by shifting their weight. The scooter responds to subtle shifts from side to side, which will help your child to learn how to maintain control. The standing deck is large enough for two feet, but just narrow enough to allow for plenty of acceleration.

The oversize foam hand grips are there for comfort and to help enhance control. The three-wheel design features two large front wheels with a very broad base to allow for maximum balance. The scooter is made of durable plastic that is reinforced at the t-bar for added stability. The familiar red and white Radio Flyer color scheme helps to make this scooter a treasured toy for years.

Radio Flyer has recommended that this product only be used by children three years of age and older. While there is no maximum age set for this scooter, the manufacturer has set a maximum weight limit of 60 pounds that parents should be aware of.

The manufacturer's retail price for this scooter is set at $49.99, but many online retailers offer promotional pricing or discounts to help lower the final purchase price. This retail price does not include shipping charges or applicable sales tax.

Detailed Features of the Radio Flyer Scooter

With the Radio Flyer Pro Glider, there is a lot more than meets the eye. The interactive features for this toy include:

  • E-Z Glide urethane wheels
  • Lean-to-Steer feature helps children learn how to turn properly
  • Tapered standing deck allows room for both feet while still giving room to create acceleration
  • Rear wheel protector also acts as brake
  • Oversize foam handle grips for comfort
  • Three-wheel design with two large wheels in the front

The sleek look and helpful features of the Radio Flyer Pro Glider are all meant to help your child develop better balance and coordination. But there are some features that are only put in place for show. Those features include:

  • What looks like a slip resistant surface to the standing deck is only a decal

This scooter does require some assembly before your child can safely ride it. This is a lightweight toy, which means it is safe to be handled by adults and children. There are no ongoing maintenance or adjustments required for your child to be able to ride this scooter.

Products Similar to the Radio Flyer Pro Glider

If your child has more practical tastes and would not like the amplified look of the Radio Flyer Pro Glider, then the Micro Kickboard Mini Original Kick Scooter is the ideal solution. This scooter offers all of the same basic features as the Pro Glider, but in a much more practical and contemporary format.

For the little ones who are just getting started and want their own Radio Flyer scooter, you should try Radio Flyer's My 1st Scooter. This scooter looks a lot like the Pro Glider, except that it has been scaled down to be more appropriate for the little ones who are just honing their scooter skills.

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