Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

When iconic companies start to utilize their most popular designs in different ways, consumers are introduced to a wide variety of fun and interesting options. When people think of the Radio Flyer company, they think of the red wagons that have been famous for decades.

But when Radio Flyer decides to apply their design flair to other products, that same feeling of quality and reliability seems to permeate throughout the entire line of products.

The Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter uses that red wagon design and color scheme to create a scooter that any child would treasure. There are design elements of this scooter that show that Radio Flyer wanted to do more than just rely on its name to sell products.

The company truly wanted to create something children could use and that would help children to develop important motor skills.

Basic Features of the My 1st Scooter

The Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter is made from durable plastic and is designed with your child's safety in mind. The standing deck is wide at the front and then tapers towards the back to make it easier for your child to keep their balance. There is a rear wheel protector, and the Radio Flyer logo and famous color scheme are prominent throughout the scooter.

This is a three-wheel design with the two wheels at the front with a very wide base. The tapered standing deck also allows for more room for your child to kick for acceleration.

There is a slip-resistant surface on the standing deck, and the rear wheel protector also acts as a convenient brake. The handle grips are contoured for comfort, and the steering bar folds for easy storage.

The manufacturer has set a recommended age range for this toy of two to five years of age. Parents should also be aware that there is also a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds for this scooter, which should be taken into account when parents are making their buying decisions.

The manufacturer has set the online retail price at $34.99, but that price can vary depending on the online retailer you use to make your purchase. It should be noted that the retail price does not include any applicable sales tax or shipping charges for your purchase.

Detailed Features of the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

The Radio Flyer name has become a giant in the toy industry, and that means that the company knows how to design and build quality toys. For the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter, the list of interactive features is short but it includes:

  • Contoured hand grips
  • A tapered standing deck that allows plenty of room for foot acceleration
  • A three-wheel design with a wide front two-wheel base
  • A rear wheel protector that also doubles as a brake
  • The steering bar folds for convenient storage and transportation
  • All three wheels are oversize for safety and handling

Everything on the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter has a purpose, which means there are no features included just for show. This scooter is made from durable plastic, and it has the red and white Radio Flyer color scheme that so many people recognize.

There is a small amount of assembly required before your child can use this toy. This is a very lightweight toy, which makes it safe and easy for parents and children to handle.

This scooter has been designed specifically to help children become comfortable with turning and leaning their body with the motion of the scooter, so parents will want to be sure to provide the proper safety accessories to prevent serious injury.

Products Similar to the Radio Flyer Scooter

Radio Flyer has a ride-on toy called the Ride 2 Glide that operates the same way as the My 1st Scooter, but offers some interesting options. The Ride 2 Glide can be transformed from a sitting rider to a seated rider with a simple adjustment. The Ride 2 Glide also offers extra storage space for the children who need it.

As another option real quick, the PlasmaCar Ride-On Toy looks like something out of the future, and it could be an interesting alternative to the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter. This is a seated rider, but it develops many of the same balance and coordination skills as the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter.

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