Power Wheels Lil Quad

Many parents feel that once a child is able to sit and stand on their own, then that child should get the sensation of a toy racer under their control. Power Wheels could not agree more and that is why the Lil Quad was created.

The Power Wheels Lil Quad is designed specifically for toddlers who are just starting to develop their muscles and learn coordination. It is low to the ground to make it easy for your toddler to ride, and the wide wheel base means no loss of control on the turns. It moves along at a safe speed that your child will enjoy, and it has plenty of interactive features to enhance your child's experience as well.

Features Of The Power Wheels Lil Quad

The Power Wheels Lil Quad has a very easy push-button that your child can use to start and stop the racer, and it has a little rack on the back for supplies. The molded seat and specially design foot rests make it comfortable for your child to sit and go for a spin.

This racer operates at a maximum speed of two miles per hour, which means that your child is always safe. There is a special suspension system in the front that helps to make the ride smoother, and the seat is specially molded to make it more comfortable.

The tires have the right amount of traction to keep your child moving right along on flat and solid surfaces, and the wide handle bars give your child plenty of control while they are in the driver's seat.

The manufacturer's retail price for the Power Wheels Lil Quad is $80.00, which does not have sales tax or shipping included. You will want to check with your online retailer to see if they are offering any pricing specials that will allow you to get this toy for a lower price.

The age range for this rider is one to three years, and it also carries a 40 pound weight limit. If a child exceeds the weight limit, then it is difficult for the child to operate this rider safely. Parents should pay attention to the weight limit on this toy to make sure their child stays safe.

Details Of The Power Wheels Lil Quad

The designers at Power Wheels have made this rider fun for children, and easy for them to operate as well. The interactive features of this rider include:

  • A push button used to turn the rider on and off
  • Large wheels to provide added stability
  • A two miles per hour maximum speed
  • A storage rack in the back of the rider
  • Wide wheel base for safe driving
  • A protective foam covering on the handle bars

Each person has their own expectations when it comes to interactive features on a toy specifically designed for a toddler. This racer has lots of interactive features, but it also has features put in for show as well. Those features include:

  • The headlight is only a decal
  • The speedometer is a decal

This is a six-volt toy that comes with the battery and charger. There is very little assembly required for parents, which could include applying some of the details. In most cases, this toy arrives with some power in the battery, which allows the child to try out their new toy right away.

Products Similar To The Lil Quad?

Little Tikes has some classic rider toys, and the Cozy Truck has many of the same features that the Lil Quad offers. The Cozy Truck has a fun design, but it also includes a wide wheel base for ultimate safety.

The Cozy Truck does not have the open design that the Lil Quad does and it is not powered by a battery, but it does offer your little one the chance to get out and explore the world on their own terms.

For something different but in the same brand, Fisher-Price has made many different versions of the Lil Quad, but the latest one that is sure to get your little one excited is the Paw Patrol Lil Quad. It has the colors of the Paw Patrol, and it has the Paw Patrol logo right on the front. The Paw Patrol Lil Quad has all of the same features as the Power Wheels Lil Quad, but what sets the Paw Patrol model apart is the significant amount of Paw Patrol decals that are all over the rider.

The Power Wheels Lil Quad will help your little one to develop their motor skills, coordination and muscles, while having a great time outdoors. As long as you have a flat surface for your rider to use, then you have everything you need to make the Lil Quad an effective development tool.

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