Sweet Shoppe Flip 'N Frost Cookies

There is something magical about watching a child create something from a pile of modeling clay. Hasbro has been offering Play-Doh toys for a long time, and there are several toys that work hard to bring out a child's imagination is so many different ways.

The Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Flip 'N Frost Cookies Set gives your child a variety of ways to mix colors and the recognizable shape of cookies into something fun and interesting.

This playset is a colorful and fun way to engage your child in an activity that requires hands-on creativity. Children are not using computer screens or video games when they play with the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Flip 'N Frost Cookies Set. Instead, they are putting their hands on that familiar Play-Doh modeling clay and creating tasty looking cookies with their own designs.

Any parent who wants to encourage their child to work with their hands and be comfortable using machines should consider this playset. It offers a variety of benefits to your child, and it can also be fun for you to watch your child's excitement as they create a cookie that looks just like the ones you make.

Basic Features of the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Flip 'N Frost Cookies Set

The Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Flip 'N Frost Cookies Set is a two-stage pump that places Play-Doh onto a spinning plate that your child uses to create play cookies.

There are cookie molds and cutters your child can use for the various cookie shapes, and this playset even comes with a special type of Play-Doh designed to look like frosting. Parents should remind their kids not to eat their sweet creations, but they should give their kids the room they need to put together cookie designs that are colorful and fun.

This toy contains smaller parts that present choking hazards to very young children. For that reason, the manufacturer recommends that this toy be used only by children three years old and up.

The manufacturer has set a recommended retail price for this playset of $11.90. Your retailer may add applicable sales tax and shipping charges to the final purchase price.

You should ask your online retailer if there are any pricing promotions for this product that will help you to reduce the cost at the time of purchase.

Detailed Features of the Sweet Shoppe Flip 'N Frost Cookies Set

This is a compact playset that contains a lot of accessories and interactive features. Those features include:

  • A two-piece Play-Doh pump
  • Two display shelves for cookies
  • A spinning cookie making tray
  • A variety of molds to make cookie toppings
  • A special canister of Play-Doh designed to look like real frosting
  • Two cookie-shaped molds
  • Two additional canisters of Play-Doh

When you look at the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Flip 'N Frost Cookies Set, you realize that Hasbro has used every spare spot on this toy for some kind of interactive feature.

There are no features included just for display, and there are plenty of interactive features for your child to enjoy.

This toy is made from lightweight plastic and has no electronic parts. Parents should spend time with their children to show them how to properly use this playset without breaking any of the moving parts.

There is a very small amount of assembly for this playset, and it is lightweight enough for parents and children to be able to carry. To avoid clean-up with this playset, simply seal it in a plastic bag when your children are done playing with it and that will keep the Play-Doh inside the toy soft. Play-Doh that is not cleaned and left to harden could render the toy useless.

Products Similar to the Flip 'N Frost Cookies Set?

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This playset even comes with a play fork and plate to allow your child to serve up their Play-Doh pie.

Another fun toy to consider is the Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset as well. As the name implies, your young one can serve up delious ice cream treats to family and friends and is another popular toy in the Play-Doh food genre to consider.

When it comes to getting more out of a Play-Doh playset, parents should consider getting the line of Play-Doh Plus colors. These canisters contain the same modeling clay as classic Play-Doh products, but they offer a much wider array of colors than the standard canisters. These kinds of colorful clay canisters are ideal for making the most colorful cookies possible.