Play-Doh Fun Factory Set

Play-Doh offers a unique brand of fun that has entertained children all over the world for many years. It all starts when a child opens a fresh container of Play-Doh and that new aroma hits their noses for the first time.

The feel of Play-Doh is something kids enjoy as they squish the materials through their fingers, and that sensation alone is something kids can enjoy for hours.

In its earliest days, Play-Doh did not offer special toys that helped to spur children's imaginations. All kids had in the early days were canisters of the gooey stuff and their own imaginations. Kids would make statues and allow the material to harden overnight, or they would mix the stuff together to see what kind of colors they could make.

These days, kids have toys such as the Play-Doh Fun Factory Set to help make playing with this sticky material even more fun. There is nothing like Play-Doh, and the Play-Doh Fun Factory Set is a good place to start when it comes to finding out just what you can do with this unique toy.

Basic Features of the Fun Factory Set

The Play-Doh Fun Factory Set is a pump that moves the material through plastic rails that have different shapes in them. Kids can use one color at a time, they can mix colors before putting them into the Fun Factory or they can keep the colors separate and create multi-colored designs.

Play-Doh has made sure that pressing down on the pump handle and getting the right results is easy for any child within the recommended age range, which means hours of fun with this simple toy.

The manufacturer recommends this toy only be used by children three years of age or older. As with any Play-Doh toy, parents will want to keep an eye on their children during playtime to make sure that the material does not get into their hair or eyes.

The current retail price of this item is $9.99. This price does not take into account any sales tax that may be added to the final price, or the cost of shipping. It is a good idea to check with your online retailer to see if there are any pricing promotions for this product.

Detailed Features of the Play-Doh Fun Factory Set

The Play-Doh Fun Factory Set is a simple toy that comes complete with everything your child will need to start having fun out of the box. The interactive parts of this toy include:

  • Two cans of Play-Doh
  • Two plastic rails that have a variety of shapes on them
  • A pump to move the Play-Doh through the rails

The great thing about this toy for parents is that nothing here is wasted. There are no features included just for show because everything you get with this toy has a purpose. Your children are encouraged to find ways to combine shapes to make animal designs or anything else their imaginations can think of.

There is no assembly involved with this toy, and the toy is very lightweight. It is important to note that you should only use Play-Doh with the Play-Doh Fun Factory Set as standard modeling clay has a thicker consistency that would damage the Fun Factory.

Products Similar to the Fun Factory Set

There are several versions of the Fun Factory that all include different types of rails with a variety of shapes. For example, the Fun Factory Deluxe has a wide selection of shapes for your child to use and includes other accessories such as a rolling pin and plastic scissors.

You can buy your children other versions of the Fun Factory and create a collection that will spur your child's imagination for hours. There is a bakery version and ice cream maker toy as well which we also reviewed.

When it comes to any Play-Doh product, the best accessory to buy is more Play-Doh colors. Parents may remember only five or six colors being available years ago, but Play-Doh has significantly expanded its line of colors to include everything your child will need to bring their ideas to life.

Not only does Play-Doh now offer different colors, but you can also get the sticky substance in shades of your favorite color as well. With a little imagination, some new Play-Doh colors and the Play-Doh Fun Factory Set, your child can have a blast creating their own art!