Play-Doh Doctor Drill'n Fill Playset

Hasbro is getting much more creative about using its Play-Doh line of toys to entertain and educate children and the Play-Doh Doctor Drill n Fill Playset is a great example of how the company is finding success.

Children can learn a lot about teeth and caring for teeth simply by playing with this playset and spending time understanding the lessons it teaches.

Toys like this one have a playful look to them, which helps to make the topic of dental health something children are not afraid of. Only Hasbro and its line of iconic toys could find a way to turn something like going to the dentist into a fun event for children. Given how many different shades of Play-Doh there are available, the Play-Doh Doctor Drill n Fill Playset is something that children could be fascinated with for hours.

Parents will love the educational value of this playset,and kids will enjoy all of the fun accessories this playset has to offer. There are some smaller accessories that come with this playset, so parents will want to teach their children how to store their toy to make sure that none of the accessories are lost.

Basic Features of the Play-Doh Drill n Fill Playset

The Play-Doh Doctor Drill n Fill Playset is made up of a cartoonish looking plastic head that opens to reveal compartments where his teeth would be.

Your child is provided with the necessary tools to create and maintain Play-Doh teeth inside the patient's mouth. You can play along with your children by creating cavities and other dental issues that you can show to your children and then have your children take care of those issues. You and your children can also have some fun creating teeth of different colors and shapes to give your patient a unique look.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for this item is $14.99, which does not include any retailer discounts, applicable sales tax and shipping charges. You will need to contact your online retailer to find out what your final purchase price would be.

This toy is recommended for children ages three years old and up. As was mentioned earlier, there are a lot of parts to this toy and some parts are quite small.

Parents of much younger children should avoid this toy until their child is old enough to be able to play with toys that have small parts.

Detailed Features of the Play-Doh Doctor Drill n Fill Playset

The Play-Doh Doctor Drill n Fill Playset comes with plenty of accessories and interactive parts. Those parts include:

  • Plastic patient head with openings for teeth
  • Three canisters of Play-Doh
  • Play toothbrush
  • Four play dental tools
  • A play drill that actually spins
  • Molds to make teeth around the base of the plastic patient head

Hasbro is very good at maximizing the features on a Play-Doh toy and not including any features that are only there for show. With a drill that works and a toothbrush with real bristles, the Play-Doh Doctor Drill n Fill Playset is a fully functional toy that offers plenty of interactive options for your child.

This toy requires very limited assembly and is small enough to be used on a standard dining room table. The toy is very lightweight, which makes it easy for children and parents to move for any reason.

There is no container for keeping all of the accessories together, so parents may want to teach their children to put this toy back in its box each time they are done with it.

Products Similar to the Play-Doh Drill n Fill Playset and Accessories

Children who are fans of Disney and want to learn more about taking care of themselves and others should check out the Doc McStuffin Doctor Kit Play-Doh Playset.

Doc McStuffin is a popular Disney Television Network character who takes care of toys, and this Play-Doh playset allows your child to put Doc McStuffin through a wide variety of adventures. This playset comes with several character molds, three canisters of Play-Doh and a play stethoscope.

Any Play-Doh toy can be made better with more Play-Doh. The Play-Doh Doctor Drill n Fill Playset offers a fun chance to give the plastic patient bright pink teeth, or create teeth that have a bit of a marble color to them.

There are also some Doctor Drill accessory sets that include other Play-Doh colors, a tool for creating braces on the patient's teeth and the dental mirror that all children will recognize.

So that concludes our review of this playset. While there are so many other Play-Doh toys out there to consider, this one remains a favorite and has been making kids smile and play dentist for quite some time!