Piano Toys for Toddlers

We posted the best performing piano toys for toddlers worth your consideration just below, each with a full review page going over the popular features along with brief comparisons to other piano toys worth the research in addition.

Also, as mentioned on some of our other pages we will update and post newer toys as they become available so long as they receive enough high marks as with these toys below.

Melissa & Doug Learn to Play Piano

The Melissa & Doug Learn to Play Piano has 25 real piano keys that have a color-coded strip that helps your child follow along in the songbook that comes included with the packaging. This toy is made of durable wood and comes in a variety of color schemes that your child is sure to enjoy.

VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio

The VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio comes with a keyboard, DJ scratching disc, a whammy bar, a recording studio and a microphone. There is a drum on one side and a cymbal on the other to add percussion. The exciting images and bright colors help get your child excited about being creative.

Little Tikes Poptunes Keyboard

The Little Tikes Poptunes Keyboard is a 13-key keyboard that allows your child to play along with popular songs, or lets your child play freestyle and express their creativity. To help your child play along, the keys light up to indicate which notes to play. During freestyle play, the lights add excitement to the sounds your child is making.

Fisher Price Music My First Real Piano

The Fisher Price Music My First Real Piano has a happy giraffe on it that has a nose that lights up in time with the music. This toy comes with a handle built-in to make it easier for your child to carry it around. Your child can listen to prerecorded melodies, make their own music or have fun with the playful sound effects that come with this toy.

Kiddie Play 37 Key Toy Piano

The Kiddie Play 37 Key Toy Piano is your child's first real piano with its own piano bench, music stand and built-in microphone. There are settings to allow your child to play sounds from eight different musical instruments, and there is even an input for an MP3 player to allow your child to play and sing along with their favorite songs.

Mirari Pop Pop Piano

The Mirari Pop Pop Piano is a game and a musical toy all on one. Each key has a pipe that blows air and is covered by a plastic bubble. There are colored stars that match the colors of the keys, and your child has to move the stars from one tube to the next until all of the same colored stars are in the right tube. This is a colorful and fun musical toy that plays popular tunes, and allows your child to find their own song.

So those are your more popular piano toys for toddlers that we have gathered through our research, each that still hold on to a nice amount of thumbs ups from parents concerning customer feedback.

A new batch of piano toys will be posted here in the future as we come across new toys, or older models that have worked their way up into a more popular status for updating on this site.

We hope the information provided here serves for now and that it guides folks who are searching for that perfect piano toy for their little musician!

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