Peppa Pig's Deluxe House Playset

The simple designs of the Peppa Pig television show help to make it a very popular cartoon among children. Those simple lines and designs are re-created perfectly with Peppa Pig's Deluxe House.

Every young fan of the show has seen Peppa at home with her family and friends, and now they can create their own adventures thanks to all of the familiar pieces that are included with this playset.

Main Features of the Peppa Pig's Deluxe House

The Peppa Pig's Deluxe House is a house that opens to reveal all of the rooms inside and each room is decorated in the style of the television show.

The house comes with 15 pieces that can be used to create scenes of Peppa and her family at home, or your child can use their imagination to create fun adventures for Peppa around the house. Peppa, Suzy and George come with the set, and the house has all of the rooms your child would need to make up their own Peppa Pig adventure.

The retail price for this toy, without accounting for sales tax and shipping charges, is $24.99. Parents should contact their favorite online retailer to check for pricing promotions or other specials that would make it cheaper to buy this toy.

While there are many parts to this toy, none are considered small enough to be a choking hazard to very young children. For that reason, the manufacturer has set the minimum recommended age for this toy at two years old and older.

Detailed Features of the Deluxe House

The Peppa Pig's Deluxe House is filled with features and interactive elements that your children will enjoy. Those features include:

  • Peppa, Suzy and George figures included that can be posed in many positions
  • 15 home appliance and play pieces such as a washing machine, bathtub and bunk beds that can be put anywhere inside or outside the home
  • Exterior pieces such as a grill and dining table
  • The house can open for easy access
  • The house latches closed to allow your child to carry all of the house pieces without losing them

The look of this toy is taken right from the television show, which means that children will recognize many of the interactive features. But there are some features included just for show that children will recognize as well. Those features are:

  • The curtains inside the house are drawn on the wall and are not actual cloth or plastic
  • The windows of the house do not open
  • When the house is latched closed, the door is only for show and does not open
  • There are no sound effects or animated features to the house at all

Children can set the Peppa Pig's Deluxe House however they way using all of the pieces, which means that there is a large number of configurations that are available. Many of the pieces can even be used to set up exterior configurations such as a family barbeque, or even a family camping trip.

This toy does not require any assembly, nor does it require batteries. It is very lightweight and easy to use, and it arrives ready for play right out of the box.

Products Similar to and/with Accessories

While Peppa Pig's Deluxe House comes with 15 additional pieces, there are still plenty of accessories parents can add that will enhance the experience for their child.

There are other figures from the Peppa Pig show that can be added to the three that are included with this toy, and other playsets such as the schoolhouse can be added to expand your child's personal Peppa Pig world. When you add in the Peppa Pig school bus for your child, you give your child a lot of fuel for their fertile imagination.

If your child is a fan of other Nick Jr. shows, then you may also want to consider the Paw Patrol Look-out Playset as well. This playset comes with the Chase figure and his vehicle and has all of the features your child would recognize from the Paw Patrol television show. From the slide to the periscope, your child can create their own Paw Patrol rescue and spend hours with characters they are very familiar with.

With so many options out there, there is sure to be something on this site that your little one will favor. Hopefully this page offered some guidance on this playhouse set as well as provide other ideas to consider.

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