Current Peppa Pig Toys

In this page folks can have a look at all the fun and popular Peppa Pig Toys from the character figures they love, to the awesome deluxe playhouse. Also below are some vechicles and stuffed animals that are worth a glance. If they're fans of the show, then this page is sure to bring up something they will love.

Peppa Pig's Deluxe House

Peppa Pig loves to be at home and the Deluxe House Playset gives you everything you need to make Peppa feel right at home. This playset includes four rooms and their associated furniture, Peppa figure, Suzy figure, George figure and a complete dining seat with chairs. It closes for easy transport. No assembly required.
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Peppa Pig Classroom Playset

Peppa Pig cannot wait to go to school with all of her friends, and you can create new fun with this Classroom Playset. The set includes teacher Madame Gazelle, Peppa Pig and Peppa’s friend Zoe Zebra. There are two student desks, a teacher’s desk and a blackboard. The whole school closes up for easy transport. No assembly required.
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Peppa Pig School Bus

It’s time for Peppa Pig to head to school, and that is her favorite time of day. The School Bus comes with Peppa Pig and Miss Rabbit at the wheel. The bus makes sounds as it moves down the road, and the top comes off for easy access. Some assembly required.
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Peppa Pig Family Campervan

Peppa Pig and her family love the big outdoors, and that is why the whole family enjoys the Family Campervan. This playset comes with Peppa Pig, Daddy Pig, a grill and a picnic table filled with plates and silverware. The awning can be retracted, and there is plenty of room inside for everyone. No assembly required.
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So those are some of the more popular Peppa Pig toys that you can either find in store or online. While there are several others, we've found that the above receive the majority of customer feedback and ratings and is a great place to start looking for the perfect toy for your little fan of the Nick Jr. TV show!