Peppa Pig Campervan

Peppa Pig is the cartoon that has the little ones clamoring for more merchandise.

The Peppa Pig Family Campervan is one way for your little one to take all four members of the Peppa Pig family out for a fun day in the sun. There are a lot of interactive parts and features included with this playset, and it is just the right size for your little one to play with on the living room floor or in their room.

Basic Features of the Peppa Pig Family Campervan

The Campervan comes with all of the equipment you and Peppa would need to have the perfect picnic. The vehicle awning retracts, and the table is already set with plates and silverware.

The grill has food on it that is cooking, and everyone has their own seat inside the Campervan. Peppa and Daddy Pig are all decked out in their holiday best, which means that it is time to hit the road and have some fun.

This toy has several parts that pose a serious choking hazard for very young children. Parents should be aware that the manufacturer has set the minimum age for this toy at three years old for the protection of younger children.

The retail price for this toy is currently set at $24.97. This price is not complete as it does not include any sales tax or shipping charges that your retailer would add. Parents should consult their favorite online retailer to see if there are any discounts or pricing specials available that would offer this product at a lower price.

Detailed Features of the Family Campervan

The Peppa Pig Family Campervan has plenty of interactive features for your children to enjoy, such as:

  • Peppa and Daddy Pig figures come with the toy and the figures can be posed
  • A picnic table with the plates and silverware affixed to the surface
  • The top of the campervan comes off for easy access to the interior
  • The side awning retracts and extends
  • There is a grill included that has a top which opens to reveal food cooking

This toy gives your child plenty to do, but there are also features that are included just for show. Those features include:

  • The food is affixed to the grill surface
  • The grill surface offers no sounds or lights
  • The doors on the campervan are only drawings on the side of the toy and do not open
  • Daddy Pig's camera is a decal

The Peppa Pig Family Campervan arrives fully assembled and with all decals applied. Parents will not need to do any type of assembly, but a screwdriver is required to open the packaging. The smaller features come pre-assembled as well, and this toy does not require any batteries.

Products That are Similar?

Within the Peppa Pig genre of toys, there are several playsets similar to the Peppa Pig Family Campervan that children who are fans of the show will enjoy. For example, the Holiday Time Air Jet Playset might look like an airplane toy parents remember from their childhoods, and it is also something young Peppa fans will enjoy as well.

As with the Campervan, the theme here is that Peppa and the family are headed away on another vacation, as they do often in the show. This playset comes with a Peppa Pig figure, and it is a durable toy that can withstand the rough treatment children give toys during play time.

For something not related to the show but remaining somewhat similar... Storytime Toys offers its Hansel and Gretel Toy House and Storybook Playset as a product similar to the Campervan; but different.

This playset is a re-creation of the story of Hansel and Gretel with a large cast of characters and plenty of story props to help the whole thing come to life. This playset starts out as a book and turns into a full gingerbread house by the time you and your child have reached the end of the story.

Just something we have come across to consider.

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