Peppa Pig Classroom Playset

Young fans of the Peppa Pig animated television show recognize places like Peppa's home and her classroom. That is why the Peppa Pig Classroom Playset is the perfect gift for any little one who never misses an episode with Peppa and her friends.

This is a playset filled with pieces your child will recognize and characters your child will love to play with for hours and hours.

Basic Features of the Classroom Playset

The Peppa Pig Classroom Playset is made up of several pieces that can be placed in any type of environment to create the classroom your child sees on television.

The set includes desks, a blackboard and several of the more popular characters from the show. Your child can set up a regular classroom setting for Peppa and her friends, or they can decide to set up Peppa's class in some special situation that could lead to another Peppa Pig adventure.

There are some small parts included with this toy that can become a choking hazard, and for that reason the manufacturer recommends this toy for children ages three years old and older. The current retail price for this toy is $10.80, which is a figure that does not take into account shipping or sales tax.

Detailed Features of the Peppa Pig Classroom Playset

The Peppa Pig Classroom Playset comes in many different parts that children can arrange in any way they like. The interactive parts of this playset include:

  • A chalkboard
  • Madame Gazelle teacher figure
  • 3 desks
  • 3 chairs
  • 7 animated figures including Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep, Candy Cat, Danny Dog, Emily Elephant, Zoe Zebra and Rebecca Rabbit

Children can use their imaginations and arrange this playset however they want, but parents should be aware of the features that are not interactive. Those features include:

  • Each desk has small pieces attached to it that could fall off and become a choking hazard
  • The blackboard does not allow for children to interact with it in any way

The wide-open nature of this toy offers children a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to play. When teamed up with other Peppa Pig playsets, the classroom could become as much of an adventure as any other toy in the entire collection.

The small and lightweight parts also make it easy for children to play with the Peppa Pig Classroom Playset indoors or outdoors. This is truly a versatile toy that children can play with for hours.

The entire playset arrives assembled and ready to go. There are no batteries to add to any of the parts, and parents will not have to apply any decals to any of the parts. From what was gathered, there are no sharp edges on any of the pieces, which makes this toy safe for children to handle.

Products Similar to the Peppa Pig Classroom Playset

Because the Peppa Pig Classroom Playset does not come with any kind of building as a setting, that makes it wide open to pair up with any of the other Peppa Pig sets that do have buildings. How about Peppa and her friends having school at Peppa's house? There is also the schoolhouse playset that can make class seem twice as large.

Your child can use the Peppa school bus to get to class, and then the tree house as a place for Peppa and her friends to go when school is over. You can also set up the Peppa Pig Classroom outside of the Peppa Pig Campervan to make it look like Peppa is mixing her two favorite things, school and camping.

If your kids want something a little different with a school theme, then you should check out the Single Bus Pull Back Play Toy by iPlay, iLearn. It makes all of the school bus sounds, and it also has flashing lights. It is the kind of bus your child will recognize from their own school experience, and it can also help to spur their imagination to think of ways to make school more fun and exciting.

So that concludes this review of this classroom playset and we hope this page provided some further insight on Peppa Pig toys.