Current Paw Patrol Toys

Fans of the popular Nick Jr. TV show will surely love some, if not all of the current Paw Patrol toys provided below. From character figures, to the vehicles they drive, as well the awesome Look-out playset. Just find a toy they like and click on the link for a full detailed page review. Also consider other Nickelodeon TV show toys on the tab in the Nav Tab.

Chase's Spy Cruiser

As one of the shows top characters, Chase and his spy cruiser toy can keep fans happy for hours. The toy comes with a Chase figure and drone holder with a separate toy drone. (at the time of this writing, this toy also comes with the Look-out playset).
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Look-out Playset

The Paw Patrol Look-out playset is yet another that is sure to please fans of the show, and many of the features like the mission briefing room, slide, periscope, and phases from the characters the set sounds when a button is pressed will be recognizable. Also as stated above, at the time of this post, this toy comes with a Chase figure and Spy Cruiser vehicle.
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Air Patroller Plane

This is a neat Paw Patrol toy and the only true con is that it does not fly on it's own, but all it takes is a small amount of imagination as the Air Patroller has working jet engine sounds, propellers that spin (manually), an opening cockpit, robo dog figure, and wheels and turn.
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Everest's Rescue Snowmobile

For your children who are fans of the character Everest, the Rescue Snowmobile is a neat little option to consider. The toy does not do much in terms of movement as well as lights and sounds but does have a snow track that moves and comes with an Everest figure.
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Marshall's Fire Fightin Truck

Now your little one can put out fires in Adventure Bay and beyond with Marshall's Fire Fightin Truck. The Paw Patrol toy comes with a Marshall figure and sports basic features like a ladder that moves up and down and a base that swivels. The wheels on the truck move as well.
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The Paw Patroller

The big daddy of all the vehicles! Not only does this toy come with a Ryder figure, but it can house up to six of the teams vehicles all at once. It has a working cockpit that can also seat the characters as well. The wheels turn on this mobile command center and the toy sounds phases from the TV show.Full Toy Review

So those are some of the more popular Paw Patrol toys that we gathered. From vehicles, to figures, along with stuffed animals and games we hope that the information on this page provided some guidance in finding the right toy!

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