Paw Patrol Chase's Spy Cruiser

Chase is on the case and he is out in his spy cruiser looking to rescue someone in Adventure Bay. For fans of Paw Patrol, Chase is the police uniform wearing pup that keeps law and order and goes into rescue situations the other pups refuse to go near.

He is the bravest of the brave, and the Paw Patrol Chase's Spy Cruiser is your child's chance to go out on a rescue or an adventure with Chase.

Basic Features of Chase's Spy Cruiser

The Paw Patrol Chase's Spy Cruiser comes with the Chase figure, his drone launcher and a drone. The wheels turn and this spy cruiser looks exactly like the one Chase uses on the television show.

Your child will recognize the design of the spy cruiser, and they may even be able to point out all of the features Chase uses when he is in charge of a rescue on the television show.

The drone and other parts of this toy are very small and could pose a choking hazard to very young children. That is why the manufacturer has set the recommended age for this product at three years old. Parents with children younger than three will want to heed the manufacturer's safety warning.

The current retail price for this toy is $17.99. That price does not include extra charges such as sales tax and shipping charges that can vary from retailer to retailer. Parents will want to check and see if their favorite online retailer is offering any price discounts that will reduce the cost of this toy when purchased.

Detailed Features of the Paw Patrol Chase's Spy Cruiser

For a toy designed to be simple for children to use and play with, the Paw Patrol Chase's Spy Cruiser has a couple of interactive features that make it a lot of fun. Those features are:

  • A drone holder with a separate toy drone
  • A Chase figure
  • A driver's seat for Chase

Because this is a low-cost toy, the number of interactive features are limited. There are many features that are there for show, and there are also features this toy is lacking. Those features are:

  • None of the lights work
  • There is no siren sound
  • There is no grappling hook
  • All of the gauges are decals
  • The Chase figure is not posable

The Paw Patrol Chase's Spy Cruiser rolls from adventure to adventure, helping your child to rescue people in need in Adventure Bay. The toy is very light, which means that it is safe and easy for children and parents to handle. There are very few moving parts, which opens up your child's imagination to many different possibilities.

Products Similar to the Spy Cruiser and Accessories

The Paw Patrol Chase's Spy Cruiser is part of a set of toys that includes all of the Paw Patrol characters and their vehicles.

If your child is a fan of the show, then you should consider buying the entire set which includes Ryder, Rocky, Zuma, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Everest and Tracker. One of the fun aspects of toys like these is owning the whole set and sending the Paw Patrol out on rescues and adventures.

You can also get associated toys such as the Paw Patroller and the Look-out Playset. The Paw Patroller can carry up to six Paw Patrol members and their vehicles to far away adventures, and the Look-out Playset is the home base where all of the Paw Patrol adventures begin.

Any child who is a fan of Nick Jr. cartoons such as Paw Patrol will also recognize the character Big Horn from the popular animated television show Blaze and the Monster Machines. Fisher-Price offers a die-cast metal replica of Big Horn that your child will enjoy. As with Chase's Spy Cruiser, the Big Horn toy is part of a set that any Blaze fan would be happy to own in its entirety.

This is also a good back up option to consider should the Spy Crusier not be available and/or a good secondary supplement toy.

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