Micro Mini Scooters

Below are a few Micro Mini Scooter toys that we have come across that are definietly worth checking out. However the only thing that we are not too impressed with is the offerings since they are on the slim side as does Fisher-Price & Little Tikes.

Nonetheless these models remain good buys, and we will update this page with newer items as they become avaiable.

Micro Mini 3-in-1 Kick Scooter

The Micro Mini 3-in-1 Kick Scooter is an innovative and award-winning scooter that your child can use as they develop through their formative years. This scooter is designed to be adaptable to the needs of children from ages one to five, and it also offers features that allow it to continue to change as your child develops.
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Micro Maxi Kick Scooter

The Micro Maxi Kick Scooter is precision engineered scooter that responds to your child's navigation instructions smoothly. The adjustable steering bar means that your child will be able to enjoy this scooter for years, and your child will also enjoy the wide variety of colors to choose from.
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Like mentioned above, these two items are the only real younger toddler range scooters, (ages 3 & up) that we have come across in the Micro Kickboard brand.

The other models offered are more for the 8 and up range.

We will update this page with other todder scooter models from Micro Kickboard as they become available, but for now, these two models reveiwed here are worth checking out along with those offered by Little Tikes & Razor. In fact, for folks who prefer a wider selection, Razor Jr. puts out a nice line that provide the same quality as Micro Mini scooters.