Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen

When shopping around for the perfect kitchen set, you don't need to settle for something bursting with pinks, reds and other bright colors. In fact, if you'd like something a bit more toned down with a completely different color scheme, the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen might be the best way to go. Featuring blues, grays and white, this is a set that can fit into just about any room without becoming the main visual source of interest.

It also has plenty of features for your child, without costing as much as some of the larger brand wooden kitchen sets. But before you decide to go with this though keep in mind different characteristics and features to see if it fits into your given needs.

As is the case with any large purchase you make for a child, take a moment to compare this Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen model with what else is out there on the market. To best do this we'll offer some gudiance with categories that include:

  • What comes with the kitchen set
  • Features of this play set
  • Specifications of set
  • Some Comparisons

What Comes With the Kitchen Set?

One of the down sides with some kitchen sets is the lack of accessories. Some brands come with maybe two or three different pots or spoons, which really isn't enough to play "kitchen." This ends up requiring you to go out and purchase additional accessories, increasing the overall price you end up paying for the set. You're mostly spared all that with the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen.

This toy kitchen comes with a total of 38 pieces, including cups, storage containers, play food, utensils and just about anything else your child might need to start their kitchen play time. The set also features some electronic cooking sounds emitting from the stove top and the sink. While you will need to pick up two AA batteries for them to work, (not included) it is a nice addition to the set.

In terms of price, the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen is going to run around $100, (as of this 2016 writing) depending on where you buy it and if shipping is extra. In general, Little Tikes says the set is for children ages two to 10. Ten is probably pushing it as even if your child still likes to play "kitchen", they will simply outgrow it. Instead, you're probably looking at two to six at most.

Features of the Kitchen Set

This Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen has some great features packed into the design. These features include:

  • Extended counter space, perfect for pulling up an added chair (chair not included)
  • Fridge, microwave and oven doors open and close
  • Knobs above oven turn and click
  • Plenty of storage space to take advantage of
  • Pegs to hang some provided utensils

The kitchen set is designed from thick molded plastic. This helps keep the toy on the lighter side while providing a sturdy, strong toy for your child to play with. It also reduces the assembly you need to perform with the kitchen set. While you will need to snap a few pieces in place, it ultimately should take 10 or 20 minutes to finish putting it all together.

Specifications of the Kitchen Set

The Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen is around 24 inches long, 19 inches deep and 32 inches tall. This makes it one of the shorter kitchen sets on the market. It may have a slight impact on how long your child can play with it until they outgrow it, so keep this in mind. It weighs around 12 pounds, so moving the kitchen set really isn't an issue and you can probably pick it up and cart it to a different room whenever necessary. As it isn't large in dimensions, fitting it along most walls or taking it up some stairs is no problem.

Few Comparisons?

With so many different kitchen sets out there, you need to make sure and compare it to a few similar offerings. This way, you know whether or not it is the right kitchen for your needs. The Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen is a bit smaller, but it is a corner unit so if you are really tight on space, this is a great design. It also runs about $79, so it is a few dollars cheaper.

As for a different brand, the Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset is around the same price at $96 and has a similar color scheme. The layout is somewhat different though as it feels more open. It really just comes down to the look you like better.

The Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen really is a nice kitchen set for the money. It doesn't take up too much space yet you won't feel short changed with the purchase. Plus, if your child likes the color of the kitchen and fits into your given space, you really can't go wrong with what it is able to do for you.