Little Tikes School Bus Gym

As children get older, they start to become interested in the things they see every day. For example, a school bus is a familiar sight to children who start going to school and begin making friends. To help transition children into the idea of going to school, and for folks who are searching for a climber, this Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym model may interest your research.

The School Bus Activity Gym is not going to transport your child to school, nor is it a mobile ride-on toy, but it is going to make the idea of a school bus fun and interesting. This is a climber toy with plenty of interactive features, and the familiar look of a school bus that your children will appreciate.

Features of the School Bus Activity Gym

The Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym is in the shape of a yellow school bus with a slide on the back. There are interactive features such as a steering wheel with a working horn, a key that makes a sound when it is turned and wheels that are actually counting exercises. This climber even has the red stop sign that can be folded out when your child decides that the bus has stopped to pick up passengers.

This climber is recommended for children from ages 12 months to four years of age. The current online retail price is $109.99, which could be affected by any online price discounts from retailers or manufacturers. This price also does not include any possible shipping and handling costs that could be added by the retailer at the time of purchase.

This is a climber with a list of interactive features that your child will be familiar with. The list of features includes:

  • A steering wheel
  • A key that turns
  • A horn
  • Spinning wheels to display colors, numbers, letters and shapes
  • A slide
  • A folding stop sign
  • A seat
  • A play platform

Little Tikes is known for creating climber toys with elaborate designs and the School Bus Activity Gym is no different. There are several decals and features on this climber toy that are only for show, and they include:

  • Images of children in the bus windows
  • Elements on the dashboard that are only decals
  • Lights attached to the top corners of the front of the bus that do not light up

This is a climber that is extremely lightweight, and requires very little assembly. It can be set up indoors or outdoors, but it needs a flat, soft surface to keep children safe.

It does not take up a lot of room, and it is easy to disassemble should you want to move or store it. It is made from durable plastic, which is able to resist the elements during the summer months. To help extend the life of this climber, it is a good idea to store it indoors during the colder months of the year.

Toys Similar to the Activity Gym?

The Step2 Sportstastic Activity CTR is a climber with a theme that could be considered similar to the Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym. The Sportstastic Activity CTR has a slide, and its interactive elements are based on a sports theme and not a school bus.

But the idea behind this Step2 climber is similar to the design and intent of the School Bus Activity Gym.

As another quick different brand option, KidKraft has a climber called the Activity Truck that is a truck theme similar to the School Bus model, and it also has several interactive features in common with the school bus. The Activity Truck has a steering wheel, wheels that spin and dashboard features that are similar to the Activity Gym.

Little Tikes is known for creating climbers that get children engaged in a variety of interactive activities. With the School Bus Activity Gym, children can develop their motor skills while enjoying a setting that is familiar to them.