Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar

Sometimes the best musical toys come in the smallest packages. The Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar is a little toy guitar that can deliver a big sound and a lot of fun for your child. It lights up, and it plays songs your child will recognize and enjoy. Your child can also pretend that they are playing some of the most popular guitar riffs of all-time, while they work on their next big rock hit.

Basic Features of the PopTunes Guitar

The Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar is shaped like a rock star guitar, and it is lightweight and compact enough that your child can play it just like his musical heroes. There are red and blue LED lights built into the guitar that light up when your child triggers a song or a riff. There are three play guitar strings that each trigger a different guitar riff when they are struck. There is a toy whammy bar on the guitar that will trigger different sound effects when it is used.

The manufacturer has set the retail price for this compact little guitar at $19.99, which does not include sales tax, shipping or any guitar lessons to be an awesome player. Parents should consider comparison shopping to try and find a retailer who is selling this toy at a discounted or promotional price.

This durable little toy is the perfect size and weight for any child, and it can definitely take the abuse your little rock star will dish out. The manufacturer has set the age range for this toy at two years old and up, but there are not small parts that can make this a choking hazard for smaller children. As long as the parents don't mind the noise, this toy can get any child rocking at just about any age.

Detailed Features of the Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar

The look of the Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar is enough to get your child to pick it up and start playing with it. But this toy also includes interactive features such as:

  • Five buttons on the fretboard that initiate pre-recorded songs
  • Three play guitar strings that each play their own pre-recorded guitar riff
  • Red and blue LED lights that go off when your child presses a button
  • A toy whammy bar that delivers different sound effects
  • A switch that lets your child choose between pop songs and rock songs

This toy can be a lot of fun for your child, but there are some features either missing with this toy, or included just for show. Those features include:

  • There is no guitar strap for this toy
  • Your child cannot actually play their own music with this toy
  • There are what look like simulated tuning pegs on the toy's headstock that are just designs

This is a lightweight and compact toy that is easy for any parent or child to handle. The only assembly required is the installation of three "AA" size batteries that are included in the packaging. This is a durable toy that can be used outdoors or indoors, but it should only be stored indoors.

Products Similar to the Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar

The VTech Zoo Jamz Guitar Toy is an interesting alternative to the Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar. The Zoo Jamz Guitar Toy is shaped like a giraffe, and each of the features on it are in the shape of various animals. This toy allows your child to either play along with pre-recorded music, or create their own songs. There is also a knob your child can turn to choose the sound of an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar or a distorted guitar. There is a library of pre-recorded songs and sound effects your child can access to have a blast creating music of their own, or just playing along.

If your child prefers keyboards, then you can consider the Little Tikes PopTunes Keyboard. This is a small, 13-key keyboard that has lights that go off to the music and several options for sound effects and musical instruments. Your child can play along to pre-recorded music, or they can create their own tunes. Each key on the keyboard lights up to make it easier for your child to play along with the music.

Some kids just want to be rock stars, and parents should encourage that kind of creativity with the Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar. When you introduce your child to the world of music, you open up their imaginations and create a vast world of new and exciting opportunities.

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