Little Tikes Playhouse Reviews

Below we gathered some of the more current and popular Little Tikes playhouse models, (both indoor and outdoor) along with quick comparisons to other related toddler playhouse brands along with the common features and benefits of each.

Little Tikes Cape Cottage

As one of the more popular Little Tikes playhouse models, the Cape Cottage set offers both toddlers and parents a good way to have loads of fun outdoors while providing all the features a young one will want in a playhouse. With a generic look and feel, the Cape Cottage will fit perfect in any yard.
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Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

Another great model is this set which has a doorbell that plays songs, an indoor oven, mail slot, and of course a picnic table for serving food once your little toddler is done preparing pretend meals from inside. A cool looking playhouse worth a glance!
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Little Tikes Princess Cottage Playhouse

For an outdoor playhouse geared more towards little girls comes the Princess Cottage model. It features many of the same benefits and style as the Cape Cottage set above, just with a different color scheme that is sure to please your little princess when outdoor playtime comes around. Discover more.
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Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse

This next playhouse from Little Tikes is unique in a way that allows folks to teach their toddler about the benefits of going green as well as the discovery of clean technology as this toy does just that... relies on solar panels for energy that powers the toy's LED lights, sports a rain collector, grows grass, and more. Looks pretty neat too!
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Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse

As the title states, this item is a bit larger than some of the others posted here and is a good house to have when several kids will be playing at once. Providing multiple functions such as a sand table, water table, work table, oven, sink, and more this playhouse will keep your children busy for hours. In fact assembly-required may be the only con to this great outdoor toy.
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Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse

Probably one of the largest Little Tikes playhouse models we reviewed at the time of this post, and as the name suggests, this toy is more of a "little town" as opposed to your average playhouse. Expect lots of fun with features such as a schoolhouse with chalkboard, basketball hoop & backboard, target ball tossing game, gas pump, pretend supermarket and more. Each with their own function and placement on this large item.
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Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

This toy house is more of a small indoor coordination and development toy and not a large outdoor house for the more older toddlers to run around in. With a nice array of learning and interactive features, this toy is worth looking at!
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To close this models listing page let us send folks off by saying that these are the more common model Little Tikes playhouses during the time of this post. While there are others that should be glanced over at as well, (such as Step2 playhouses) Little Tikes brand is well-known and manufactures quality toys that is sure to put a smile on your little tike's face!