Little Tikes Kitchen Sets

Making a great indoor toy for your young one, as well as great gift ideas, kitchen sets from Little Tikes offer folks an affordable choice for their toddlers indoor playtime. With lots of features and a fair amount of included accessories, these models are worth a look. Discover full overview of each popular model below.

Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen

This set offers folks a lot in terms of accessories, has a great look and feel, can support several little toddlers having fun and is easy enough to put together. This Little Tikes kitchen set also receives a nice amount of reviews, mostly positive and remains one of their more popular models.
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Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

This toy, at the time of this writing remains one of the most reviewed and popular models offered by Little Tikes. With burners that make sizzling sounds, to knobs that click, and doors that open and close, this piece offers young ones a lot to be desired when play kitchen is on their mind!.
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Little Tikes Cook Around Kitchen Cart

Here's one that is a bit different, a Little Tikes kitchen set that also doubles as a pretend food cart or trolley. Coming with 30 piece accessories, a stove top that lights up and makes noise, cordless phone, pull out trays, and much more, this neat little kitchen toy is one to keep on a list of considerations.
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Little Tikes Lil Cooks Kitchen

Another toy to research is the Lil Cooks Kitchen. While a lot smaller than traditional older toddler play kitchens and geared more towards the 18 - 24 month range, this much smaller toy still provides hours of fun for developing minds and is great for both young girls and boys.
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Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen

As a smaller option (along with the Discover Sounds model) is the cupcake kitchen and is a great alternative to the reallly large play kitchen sets out there. And even though it is small and light weight does not mean it lacks on fun features and benefits which include lights and sound effects along with doors that open and close similar to the other Little Tikes kitchen sets posted here.
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Little Tikes Cook'n Store Kitchen

For a plastic, colorful, yet affordable play kitchen that is not all that heavy or big, yet tallk enough and coming with enough accessories for kids to play with this next model may prove a good read. Also, at the time of this writing the set comes in different color choices to select from. Doors open, knobs turn, and there's plenty of storage space!
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Little Tikes Gourmet Prep 'n Serve Kitchen

Stepping up to something a bit larger, the Gourmet Prep'n Serve kitchen offers the similar features and accessories as the other large Little Tikes kitchens and even rivals Step2's "Gourmet Walk-in" model. Although it sorta of looks like two smaller sets jammed together as one piece... it is a quality item (for being plastic) and will keep toddlers busy for hours!
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Little Tikes kitchen sets are a great way to bring a smile to your toddlers face when a play kitchen is the toy they desire. Even as a great gift idea, these models offer a nice assortment of accessories and features most young ones will enjoy and with mostly positive favorable reviews among most of their models, it most likely will prove to be a great toddler toy in any home!