Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse

If you are looking for a toy that doubles as a playhouse and an educational toy, then look no further than the Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse. This is a very unique playhouse that makes it fun for your children to learn about topics such as alternative energy and conservation. Furthermore, at the time of this review it appears to be a new toy on the market.

As your kids get older, they will see references to green living methods on television and the Internet. You can give your child a head start with all of those topics when you buy them this Go Green Playhouse model.

The different style, unique playhouse is as colorful as it is fun. Some of the colors are used to help highlight the learning areas of the house, and the rest is up to your child's imagination.

Basic Features of the Go Green Playhouse

From the accessories to interactive features, there is plenty for a child to learn with the Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse. There is a skylight and simulated solar panels on the roof that can be used to start the discussion with your child about solar energy, and a rain barrel to talk about water conservation.

Parents can fill the rain barrel with water and the water will actually flow through the sink in the playhouse. There is a planting box outside one of the windows and a half-door that opens and closes.

One of the windows has a shutter that opens and closes and there are LED lights powered by real solar panels. Kids can recycle their items in real recycling bins, and there is an area on the side of the playhouse for a real garden. The roof can even become a living roof that sustains and grows real grass!

The manufacturer recommends that this playhouse be purchased for children two years of age and older. The online retail price for this playhouse at time of review is $269.99, which does not include taxes, shipping charges or any retailer promotions.

Detailed Features of the Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse

There are many different interactive features that your child can enjoy with the Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse. These features include:

  • A roof that is designed to collect rainwater and divert it to the rain barrel
  • A rain barrel that collects real rainwater to be used in the sink and in the garden
  • A side area set aside for gardening
  • A sink that uses real water
  • A doorbell that makes sound
  • Two LED lights powered by real solar panels
  • Two recycling bins with removable baskets
  • A mailbox with a door that opens and closes
  • A half-door that opens and closes
  • A stove with knobs that click when they are turned
  • A living roof that supports and grows real grass
  • A window with a real working shutter

To go along with the interactive features, there are some features that are put in place just for show. Those features include:

  • A toy phone that offers no interactive features
  • Toy garden tools
  • A house number that is just a decal

As far as assembly there is a significant amount required for this playhouse that should be done by at least two adults. There are parts of the house that light up, but no batteries are required because the lights operate on solar power.

Since many of the features of the Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse rely on natural conditions, this is an outdoor toy only. Parents will want to put this toy in an area that is flat, but also gets plenty of sunlight during the day.

Brief Look at Dimensions and Weight

The assembled size of this playhouse is around 48 inches long, 22 inches wide and 24 inches high. It arrives in a box that is 57 inches long, 37 inches wide and 51 inches high, which would require to adults to safely move.

The assembled weight of this playhouse is approx. 58 pounds, while the shipping weight is 61 pounds. To safely receive and assemble this playhouse, there should be at least two capable adults working together. Once the playhouse is assembled, there should be no less than two adults moving the playhouse if it needs to be put in a new location due to the weight and awkward size.

Products Similar to this Little Tikes Playhouse

The Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse is very unique in its offering, and there are no other Little Tikes playhouses quite like it. However, the Picnic on the Patio Playhouse bundle from Little Tikes offers children a wide variety of interactive features and accessories. Children can learn responsible landscaping with the lawn mower and develop hosting skills with the picnic table and benches. A good same brand comparison should folks prefer to skip the need for natural energy or want something more generic.

As for a quality competitive brand, Step2 offers its Country Side Cottage that has a flower box under the window and a sink. While the Step2 playhouse does not have any of the "green features" of the Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse, it does offer a similar layout. The overall benefits and featues are the same minus the green nature of the product.

To conclude, if you want to educate your children on going green, then the Go Green Playhouse is your solution. Your kids can learn about harnessing the power of the sun, and allow their imaginations to run away with them at the same time. Although a bit more expensive then other models, it is one worth getting should your toddler want a house on the block that is different yet very fun and cool to play house in!

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