Little Tikes First Slide Climber

Every great adventure has a starting point, and the Little Tikes First Slide is that starting point for millions of children. There is nothing fancy about this toy, but Little Tikes takes nothing for granted in it is simplicity. This is a durable toy that your children will be able to enjoy for many years.

This is the type of toy parents enjoy because it is durable, safe and lightweight. As mentioned, there is nothing fancy about the First Slide, but yet it is everything that a small child would want in their first experience with playground equipment.

Basic Features

The design of this youth climber is simple and to the point. It has a ladder that leads to a slowly sloping slide. The angle and length of the slide ensure that your child does not experience an abrupt and dangerous ride.

There are safety handles at the top of the slide to help your child learn the importance of using safety equipment when they get to a real playground.

One of the more convenient features of the Little Tikes First Slide is that it weighs only nine pounds, which makes it very easy for parents to move to a safe spot. The top of the slide is low to the ground, which increases the safety factor for this toy. It is the details that Little Tikes put into such a simple toy that makes this one of the most popular toys in the retail world.

The most current retail price for the First Slide online is $34.99. The retailer you choose may offer discounts or specials that would affect this price. There are no accessories offered to enhance the use of this slide. Little Tikes recommends that children be between the ages of 18 months to four years old to use this slide.

Detailed Elements of the Little Tikes First Slide

This climber toy is presented as the first playground toy for any child, and it has a basic design that makes it easy for young children to figure out. The First Slide comes with:

  • A slide
  • A ladder
  • Two safety handles

The basic design of this slide is what makes it simple for children to use. There are no decals or flashy colors to distract your child as they learn how to climb and slide.

There are no features added to this toy for show, and there is nothing that can be added to this toy to expand its look or use.

The Little Tikes First Slide requires minimal assembly, and it takes up a very small amount of room. It is a durable toy that can be used indoors or outdoors, provided it is placed on a flat and soft surface. It does not require any batteries for any of its features, and its durable design can withstand the elements.

Toys Similar to the First Slide

Little Tikes has a line of toys for very young children that offer a focused set of features like the First Slide. The Little Tikes Rocking Horse is a small climber toy that has a single focused use, just as the First Slide does. The Rocking Horse comes in a variety of colors, and is made of durable plastic.

Like the first slide it remains simple in design, but that does not take away from any fun it will offer.

Traveling over to Step2 as a great competitive brand, a toy they put out for younger children called the Up and Down Coaster is also very basic, has a focused purpose and allows children to have hours of fun in their own backyard. The Up and Down Coaster is a straight-track coaster that offers children a short but fun ride.

While there are many other models to consider from either brand, those two are just a quick and close comparison for folks to briefly consider and are worth the research for a sec.

So, when children start to develop their motor skills and coordination, it is important to have toys available that make the process safe and simple. The Little Tikes First Slide model is a great toy to help introduce your kids to the playground experience in a controlled environment.

We hope this page proved helpful for those looking for a simple and affordable climber toy for their little tot!

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