Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set

It wasn't that long ago that soccer started to take over the sporting imaginations of children all over the country. Before long, soccer moms and travel teams were commonplace and every school had a soccer program.

With the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set, you can introduce your children to the game of soccer and let them learn how the game is played at their own pace. You can purchase two of these lightweight play sets and turn your backyard into a soccer field that your children and their friends can enjoy.

Basic Features of the Soccer Set

As an outdoor play set, the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set is made from durable plastic and can easily be disassembled for simple storage or quick transportation. You can leave your soccer play set outside all summer for your kids to enjoy, and then conveniently store it away for the winter. The different colored sections make the net fun for your kids, and add a little color to the sport of soccer.

The Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set comes with one goal frame, a cloth net, a soccer ball and an air pump. The great thing about this play set is that you can buy for your very young child, and watch as the set grows with them.

You can lay the goal down at its lowest height to help your little one learn how to put the ball in the net, and then stand the net up tall on its frame to give your child more room to score.

The manufacturer recommends this toy for children two years of age and older. This play set is made from lightweight but durable plastic, which makes it easy to store and transport. The current retail price is $37.99, but your online retailer may offer discounts to lower that price. Remember that the retail price does not include costs for shipping or applicable sales tax.

Detailed Features of the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set

The Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set is a basic play set designed for outdoor use and built to last for many years. The set consists of:

  • A multi-colored soccer goal frame made from durable plastic that is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • A real cloth net
  • A soccer ball
  • An air pump to keep the soccer ball inflated

The goal is versatile enough to be used by children as young as two years of age. Parents can lay the frame down to create a smaller net that is ideal for younger children. As your child grows, you can stand the net upright and help your child to develop their goal scoring skills.

The Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set does not have any features that are just for show. It is the kind of toy a child could play with by themselves for hours, or it can be something your child and their friends can use to put together soccer games in the yard.

There is some assembly required for this play set, and it can be disassembled for easy storage and transportation. The entire play set is extremely lightweight, which means that it can easily be handled by one able-bodied adult.

The Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set is not only going to encourage your child to exercise, develop their muscle coordination and enhance their hand-eye coordination, but it will also act as a social tool your child can use to bring their friends together on any sunny afternoon.

Products Similar to the Easy Score Soccer Set

If soccer is not your child's sport of preference, then try the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set. It comes with a durable plastic stand and rim, a cloth net and a basketball. It is adjustable and can give your child hours of fun. As with the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set, your child can practice on their own or they can invite some friends over to join in on the fun.

The iiSPORT Soccer Goal is a portable, colorful and lightweight goal with a cloth net and soccer ball. It is a little larger than the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set, but it can help your child to learn the game of soccer, and even let your kids and their friends play a few games in the backyard.

Soccer is one of the most popular kids sports in the United States, and the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set makes it easy for parents to get their kids started on their soccer adventure. This lightweight play set can be the perfect way for your kids to practice bending their long kicks, or challenging their friends to match their skills with each other.

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