Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

When parents go that extra step to introduce their kids to sports at an early age, that begins a life of excitement and exercise that can only benefit the child. The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is a simple toy, but it is something that can grow with your child and something your child can share with their friends for years.

Basic Features of this Basketball Set

The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is a brightly colored red, white and blue sports toy that can adjust to your child's size. It is made of durable plastic to withstand even the most heated competition, and it looks like a real basketball net and backboard.

The durable plastic basketball rim allows your children to try all of the layups and slam dunks they see on television without doing any damage to the toy.

The large base of the toy is rounded to prevent any injuries should your children run into it or fall on it during play. The base can also be filled with sand or water to add an extra level of stability to the toy. Your children can practice their precision passing with their friends, or take on little ones from across the street to start a heated rivalry that could last for years.

The oversized rim has a broad base that attaches directly to the backboard for additional stability. The backboard has an outline pattern on it that your child can use to practice their bank shots and get more accuracy. The toy set comes with the ball and a real net that your children can use to practice their three-pointers all day long.

The manufacturer recommends that this toy only be used by children 18 months to five years old. The current retail price is $36.99, but that could change depending on whether or not your online retailer of choice adds sales tax and/or shipping charges to your order. Your preferred retailer may offer a pricing discount on this product that would be worth looking into.

Detailed Features of the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

There are not many interactive or wasted features on the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set. It is a great value for parents of future sports stars, and it includes interactive features such as:

  • An oversized rim
  • A real cloth net
  • A stand that adjusts from two feet to four feet in height with six different settings
  • A base that can be filled with water or sand for additionally stability
  • Two basketballs designed specifically for this toy set

The basic design of the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is what will make it so attractive to your child. There are no features put in just for show that detract from the main goal of making a basket. Your child can practice their shot accuracy by themselves, or they can bring along some friends to get a real game going.

The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set requires some assembly, but it can easily be taken care of by one able-bodied adult. The toy itself is very light and easy to move, but when the base is filled the toy can become quite cumbersome. Parents should put the toy in place before filling the base to make transport easier. The manufacturer warns against small parts that could be choking hazards.

Products Similar to the Easy Score Basketball Set

For the well-rounded little athlete, Little Tikes has the T-Ball Set to help your child with their baseball swing. The set comes with an oversized bat and two oversized baseballs to help your child always make contact. The ball holder is made of durable plastic, but designed to be flexible. The base is lightweight to let your child always feel like they hit a home run.

RuiyiF has a product called the Portable Basketball Hoop Stand that adjusts to four different heights using a stand that is made up of sections. The base can be filled with sand or water for additional stability, and the real cloth net makes your child feel like they are really playing the game. The RuiyiF basketball set is portable, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Basketball is a great game to teach kids because they can learn the game at their own pace. One day they are learning how to shoot baskets, and the next day they are inviting over friends to practice passing. With the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, your child can get into the game and develop the skills they will need to grow into real athletes.

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