Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center

If you have a little one whose eyes light up when they see sports on television and show signs of wanting to emulate the sports they see, then you need the Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center. This is the kind of interactive sports toy for the child who has dreams of one day being a professional sports champion.

Basic Features of the Sports Center

The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center gives your child their first chance to shoot hoops, hit a baseball and start figuring out the game of football.

The three big sports that children latch onto at young ages are represented here, and there are plenty of interactive features for children to enjoy. The game comes with toy basketballs, a oversized baseball bat and plenty of ways for your kids to discover sports.

There are also electronic features that include sound effects and a scoreboard. When your kids get done watching sports on television, they can go over to their own sporting arena and start living out their sports dreams. For parents, there are no small parts with this toy and the rounded edges make it safe for kids to play with.

The current retail price for this toy is $29.99, which might have sales tax and shipping costs added to it when you make a purchase from your favorite online vendor. The manufacturer recommends that this toy be used by children ranging in age from nine months to three years old.

Detailed Features of the Sports Center

The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center has a wide range of interactive features that will keep your child entertained for hours. Those features include:

  • A baseball attached to arm that spins on its base when your child strikes the ball
  • A basketball hoop
  • A basketball backboard that keeps score and has five sports related songs for children that are initiated when your child makes a basket or makes several baskets in a row
  • Football goalposts with an attached football spinner in the middle
  • Rattles inside the football make extra sounds to entice your children to play more
  • A handle on the back of the backboard to make it easy for parents to move the toy from one spot to another
  • Two soft basketballs that are safe for indoor use

The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center is designed to keep your child entertained for hours, but it has very few features that are only for show. The only feature that is for show is the crowd on the backboard, which is a decal and is in no way animated.

The manufacturer of this toy has created several safety features that will help keep your children safe and prolong the life of the toy. The baseball is actually attached to its swinging arm and cannot be removed.

The basketballs are extremely soft and cannot damage furniture or hurt your children. There are not sharp or removable parts that could become a hazard.

This toy does require some assembly, but its light weight make it very simple for one parent to handle. Three "AA" size batteries are required to get the electronic features to work, and those batteries are not included.

Products Similar to the Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center

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The LFHT Basketball Play Hoopset also helps children develop their sporting skills, and it is adjustable to allow your child to use it for many years to come. This playset is made of durable plastic, comes with its own basketball and has a base that can be filled with sand or water for extra stability. You can get your child started early in sports, and help them to build the muscle strength and coordination they need to be champions.

It is important to get your children active at a very young age to give them a chance to develop their balance, muscle strength and coordination. The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center is a great way to start because it is a toy your child can handle and grow with. The light-up scoreboard and sports sounds that go off when your child makes a basket will help your child to understand the excitement that comes with being active in sports.

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