Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen

Shopping for a kitchen set doesn't mean you need to go with just that old, traditional looking wooden kitchen. Maybe your child is interested in a few different elements of the kitchen and wants to explore more of this.

Thanks to the Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen, that is now possible. This play kitchen set is designed to look and feel like a cupcake bakery. From the pastel looking color scheme to all of the accessories and features, it really does stand out on its own. However, before you decide to purchase this, take a moment to look the set up and down and make sure it really is exactly what your child is hoping for and that it fits into your particular budget.

Before heading out to buy the kitchen set, you need to make sure it is exactly what your child wants. Just ask your child what they are hoping for, and to help we will break down this Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen model into different categories and determine whether or not it checks off the most boxes for your needs. These different categories includes:

  • What comes with the kitchen set
  • Features of the kitchen set
  • Specifications of the kitchen set
  • Comparisons

What Comes With the Kitchen Set

The Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen is unique in the look and feel of the kitchen, but that does not mean it doesn't come with anything. In fact, it does have several accessories that help make it ready to play right out of the box. While you can always pick up more accessories, there is a nice selection of options here. When you buy it, you'll receive a cupcake tray, four cupcakes, two plates, forks, spoons, knives and spice shakes, plus one spatula and pot with lid.

The Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen does cost around $140 (as of April, 2016), although the price can vary slightly, depending on where you buy it and if shipping is included with the price. Little Tikes does recommend the toy to be used by children between the ages of two and four. This is a fair assessment of the toy set. Now, you might be able to squeeze an additional year of play time out of it, but for the most part, two to four is about what to expect.

Features of This Set

The Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen is a very specific toy. Due to this, it is not going to have some of the features found on other kitchen sets. With that being said, everything here is devoted to the preparation of cupcakes. Some of the features you will find on the set includes:

  • Oven door opens and closes
  • Stove burner makes sound effects to give an authentic feel to it
  • Drawer on the front of the kitchen slides in and out
  • Storage space on the set to store all of the included accessories
  • Turning, clicking knob that comes built into next to the burners

This play kitchen is a nice option to go with if your child loves cakes and baking. Now, as it is designed mostly out of solid, heavy duty plastic, it isn't going to take long to put the entire set together. Most of it is ready out of the box. You'll have to snap a few of the pieces together (you won't need any additional tools), so your child can start playing in just a few short minutes.

Specifications of the Kitchen Set

The Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen is more on the smaller side than anything else. It is 11 inches deep, 24 inches wide and 35.5 inches tall. This means you only need around two feet of available wall space, so you shouldn't have a problem with the toy going just about anywhere. Plus, at almost 12 pounds, the set is easy enough to move from one room to the next, when it is necessary.

Some Comparisons

If you are interested in a Little Tikes cake set but you'd like to go with something a bit different, the Little Tikes Cook 'n Store Kitchen Playset (Pink) is a fun, vibrant design, but it is much less expensive at $60. It isn't just for cupcakes, but the bright kitchen is loads of fun. If you want a different, smaller kitchen set, try checking out the Step2 Cozy Kitchen is nice and about the same size. It isn't specific for cupcakes, but it costs approx. $56 for the set.

The Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen is a unique option that is different from the other toys you are usually going to see available. Now, this is something your child is either going to completely love, or wish they had one of the more traditional kitchen sets. However, if they are a fan, it is a great, fun set that stands out on its own. There really are not too many other cake based kitchen themes that we came across so far, so if all pans outconsider this fun model.

Hoping we offered some guidance!

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